FACT CHECK: Doctored Images of Sanwo-Olu Circulate Online

CLAIM: Several images purportedly showing the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu was circulating online in the lead-up to the March 18 gubernatorial election in the state.

A Facebook user, Priscillia Funkepere Ugbagbe, also posted the photo with caption that read:

“’Sanwo-olu’ Turns Dispatch Rider, Spotted Delivering Shawarma to Lagosian.”


Findings by the News Chronicle show that the image was doctored. Further checks on the footage revealed that the video is a comedy skit. In the footage, the dispatch rider later removed his helmet which shows that it’s a different person and not Babajide Sanwo-Olu as claimed in several social media posts.


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