FACT CHECK: Did South African Politician and Activist, Julius Malema Call for the Disintegration of Nigeria Over 2023 Polls?

CLAIM: A claim trending on social media states that the popular South African Politician, Activist and Freedom fighter, Julius Sello Malema has wondered why Nigeria is still one country despite the handling of the 2023 elections.

The claim which was posted by a Facebook page “Rising Sun History” shared a photo of Malema with the accompanying text, “After watching the 2023 Nigeria election, I am still wondering the reason Nigeria is still living together as a country.

“Nigerians hate themselves so much but find it difficult to separate peacefully. – Julius Malema, South African politician.”


The News Chronicle copied the said text into a search engine but the results returned showed no news coverage of Malema making such a comment except the tweets and posts resharing the same quotation turned up.

No news report in Nigerian or South African Media showed Malema commenting on the 2023 general election in Nigeria.


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