Exam Ethics Marshals International Congratulates UNICAL Vice Chancellor, Prof Florence Obi

The founding Chairman, Exam Ethics Marshals International, Ike Onyechere has extended the body’s congratulations to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof Florence Obi who will be inaugurated tomorrow as the 11th Vice-Chancellor of the institution.

Onyechere’s remark was contained in a letter to the Prof which was obtained by The News Chronicle.

The letter reads:

We fondly recall that you led the delegation of seven other Unical staff to the 20th Exam Ethics Marshals Anniversary Conference and Awards held at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Calabar from 20th to 24th March 2017

At that occasion, you were inaugurated as Exam Ethics Master Marshal and Coordinating Marshal of the University of Calabar Chapter of the Exam Ethics Marshals Movement. You also received the instrument of certification of Unical as Exam Ethics Friend and Partner Institution.

In your certification acceptance speech, you correctly identified the significance of certification of Unical as Exam Ethics Friend and Partner Institution. The certification, you said, did not mean that the institution had completely eradicated the challenges of exam malpractice, academic dishonesty, campus cultism and associated vices. The certification signified the total commitment of the institution to the code of truth, honor and integrity that govern the search for and dissemination of knowledge. It signified the fact that the University is committed to defending the integrity of education, to promoting best practices in admission, training, examination, certification, registration, regulation and administrative processes in education.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Faculty Dean, Permanent Member of University Senate, University Governing Council member and Coordinating Marshal, etc. you deployed each and every platform to promote the implementation of policy of zero tolerance for exam malpractice, academic dishonesty, campus cultism and corruption in the University.

Your choice as Vice Chancellor is well deserved. Exam Ethics Marshals Worldwide are proud of you. We join Exam Ethics Marshals of University of Calabar including Prof. Ndifreke E. Udonwa, Prof. Eyong Ubana, Prof. Eze Bassey, Dr. Elemi Ani, Dr Enang Udah and Donald Enu to congratulate you as you make history on 1st December, 2020 when you will be formally inaugurated as the 11th Vice-Chancellor of the University and the first female to hold the position. There is no doubt that you come well-prepared to leave golden footprints of achievements in the sands of the history of the University of Calabar.

Exam Ethics Marshals worldwide look up to you as model, symbol of hope and catalyst for kickstarting the long-awaited ethical revolution in education pan Nigeria with University of Calabar as launch pad; to re-position education to perform its role of raising leaders, citizens, professionals and workers with character to shun corruption and competence to deliver transformation. It will not be a tea party. It will not be easy.

To succeed, you will have to successfully fight “wars of patronage” with elected and appointed leaders and their acolytes as well as government officials and other interest groups to resist unethical demands for special privileges that negate the fundamental policies of allocation of offices, positions, resources and benefits. You will have to successfully fight “wars of institutional capture” with vested powerful interests who will come with the notion of “this is our own opportunity. God has given us the papacy. Let us enjoy it”

Yes, it will not be easy. But God will continue to grant you the grace of wisdom and protection for a successful tour of duty. Like Liverpool Football Club fans say “ you will never walk alone”. Count on Exam Ethics Marshals to stand and walk with you on the frontlines, as and when necessary!


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