Every Long Standing Establishment Is One With Male Foundations

Chukwuka Emmanuel

Chukwuka Emmanuel

What Has Kept The Catholic Church As One Of The Oldest Institutions On Earth Is Wholly Traceable To Absence Of Women

Jesus Christ Himself Ordained Only Males As His Apostles. If Jesus Christ Had Ordained A Female As One Of The Apostles, The Apostleship Would Have Collapsed Before His Ascension

Mention Any Person In The World That Was Trained By A Woman, And Who Became A Blessing To Humanity. If You Mention One, I Will Drop My Argument

I Hail From Urumechi-Ukunu Eziora Ozubulu Town In The Ekwusigo Local Government Area Of Anambra State. Every Greatness In Ozubulu Town Is Traceable To A Father Or An Uncle That Has Trained The Great Person

Women/Wives/Ladies Are Never God’s Channels Of Blessing Humanity. Infact, The Relevance Of Womanhood In Any Dispensation Is When The Men Are Cursed. God Forbid, Men Being Cursed As Long As You And I Are On God’s Side

Go Through The Bible, You Will See The Father’s Blessings. There Is Nothing Like Mother’s Blessings

Ask Yourself This Solemn Question. Why Did God Declare In The Bible: ‘Oppress Not The Widows And Fatherless Children”.

Why Did God Almighty Not Declare: Oppress Not The Widowers And Motherless Children?

The Father Is God’s Ambassador To Protect, Keep And Sustain The Children And Mother. The Father Is God In The Flesh. When The Father Is Not There, God Is Absent Because His Ambassador Is Gone, Hence God’s Warning: “Oppress Not The Widows And Fatherless Children.

A Motherless Child Is Not A Pitiable Child Because Of The Presence Of The Father. A Fatherless Child Is A Pitiable Child Because Of The Absence Of The Father

Think On The Above And Allow God The Holy Spirit To Enlighten You. The Man/Father Is The Root. The Woman/Wife Is A Branch. Hence, If A Branch Goes Off, The Branch Can Be Replaced. Abraham Did That

You Will Now Begin To Appreciate My Stance That Anambra Is Under Darkness With Two Senators As Women. That Has Stopped In Jesus Dependable Name. Anambra State Is Equipped, Blessed And Surrounded By Men Of Enviable Heights/Records In All Segments Of Existence. As A Lawyer, I Am Aware That Anambra State Is Endowed With The Highest Number Of Senior Advocates Of Nigeria (SAN). Anambra State Has More Senior Advocates Of Nigeria More Than The North Eastern Geopolitical Zone, North Western Geopolitical Zone, North Central Geopolitical Zone Of Nigeria

Such An Enviable Attractive State Cannot Be Ruled By Inferiors. God Forbid. A New Testament Has Begun

The New Testament Living Saint, Ordained Husbands Protector And Male Chauvinist

Saint Chukwuka Emmanuel Ebele Bosah Esquire

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