EURO 2020/1: Less Ado About A Name

The European Championship is set to hold from June 11 to July 11, 2021 and football lovers all over the world are already excited. It is even more interesting as it should have been held a year ago but for the corona virus pandemic which meant it had to be postponed.

However, there has been little dust raised over the decision of the organizers of the event to still label the competition as EURO 2020 even though we are in the year 2021.

The UEFA executive committee handling the competition responded that it was in view of maintaining the vision of the tournament which is to celebrate 60th anniversary of the European cup competition (1960-2020).

It further explained that a lot of material was already branded for the competition last year before the postponement and that changing the name to reflect the current year would mean that new ones will be produced. This for them is tantamount to huge waste of financial and material resources.

For some people, it is a question of “who cares”, just let the games begin already.

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