Essentialism Of Nigerian Wedding Ceremony

The enthusiasm of attending a Nigerian wedding ceremony owing to varieties of activities that occur gives one a typical Nigerian party experience. Nigerian wedding ceremony explicates the “Nigerianess” of Nigerians. It in fact informs people of the socio-cultural beliefs of Nigerians. There are essential elements of a Nigerian wedding ceremony.

Marriage vow is a prevalent element in every wedding ceremony; hence, Nigerian wedding is not an exception. It is the part of the ceremony where the bride and groom promise not to leave one another even in the face of challenges. Holy Book(Bible or Quran) is used to make the promise. The groom says the words first, then the bride repeats.

In addition, in a typical Nigerian wedding ceremony, the bride and groom pay homage to their parents for their care over the years. For the Yoruba tribe, for instance, the groom will prostrate before his parents, mother-in-law, and father-in-law to thank them for all their efforts on himself and his bride over the years, while the bride will kneel. Similarly, their parents bless the conjugation.

“An-unexcludable” and most exciting segment of Nigerian wedding ceremony is “item 7” which involves serving of food and drinks. Various kinds of food are served in any Nigerian wedding(“gbegiri and ewedu with amala, semo, rice, ego riro and pounded yam, etc”). At the least will you observe any Nigerian joke with this segment; to some, it is the most important. Everyone is seen eating merrily and having fun.

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