#EndSARS: Public Outrage As Court Grants Eromosele N1M Bail

314 views | Stanley Ugagbe | November 17, 2020

Nigerians have taken to social media to lampoon the President Muhammadu Buhari led government after a Magistrate court in Yaba, Lagos State, on Tuesday granted bail to the embattled #EndSARS protester, Peter Eronmosele Adene, in the sum of one million naira.

The court granted the bail after it rejected a request by the police for an order to detain him for another 30 days, to enable them to conclude investigations into the allegations against the defendant.

It would be recalled that the embattled youth was arrested on November 7 by the police, for his involvement in the #EndSARS protest and also on allegations of providing financial support to the movement.

Adene was subsequently whisked to Abuja, the nation’s capital, days later, quickly sparking the trend, #FreeEromz.

Following the N1M bail, Nigerians have taken to social media to express worries over the development. Below are some of the reactions on Facebook:

Ashade Adeyemi – May it never be well with the Judge that pronounce such judgment…is it a crime to protest .. which angel bring come dis country self…he was never a bandit ..he didn’t kill anybody.. one day 4 dis country.. monkey go market e no go return..it’s a promise, not a threat

Aremu Kazeem – As far as am concern, Nigeria as a country died a long time ago. Can you imagine, so it’s a crime as a citizen to demand your right from your government. I million for bail, I guess the judge ti je oja ko to wa si court.

Finian IKenna Ukachi – Our judicial system is just ridiculous. N1m to bail someone who was protesting for a better Nigeria. It’s finished!!!

Daniel Erebholo – Our justice system has always been the bane of our society rather than to be the last resort of the common man. Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of our Judiciary, making them the puppet of politicians, all in the name of money. Shameful Judiciary/3rd tier of Government my foot

Ezechukwu Anthony Ezeolisaemeka – BH, they killed and behead innocent Nigerians, destroyed properties, but where empowered even some given high rank in Nigeria army, but a peaceful protester clamoring for a better Nigeria a better police force will pay to get bail, the judiciary in Nigeria is dead, Democracy in Nigeria died in 2015.

Omon Philip – Nigerian judges are the biggest conundrum we have right now in this country, they rape justice every single day, a bunch of shameless judges, one million for bail upon unlawful arrest and detention…..shame

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