Enchanted And Eloped 

738 views | Ndaba Sibanda | January 18, 2020

She was short and slender

Her voice vivid and tender

It beamed an invisible smile

Infectious even from a mile

She was a blessing to her patients

As she treated them like her parents

She told them high blood was manageable

With diet and lifestyle changes all was doable

One day one foreign suitor charmed away the adorable

The one doctor whose services poor elders found invaluable

Aunt’s Words Versus Rita’s World

Conspirators and isolators

Seemed to be on a mission

To thrust Rita into a fleabag

She felt like an unwanted email

In spam filters, a candidate for

Deletion, a masked vicious virus

As if she had leprosy of deceits

She was easily avoided by persons

She called friends, family, and bosoms

She was in an acerbic quandary, an island

Where she loved without being loved back–

Dealt justly in injustice and a drippy sack

She tried to talk to them but none chimed in

And the wayward way her boyfriend acted up–

Signalled one emergency away from a breakup

Her aunt told her that not every day is pleasing

But she had to be pleased with life and its pigsty

That she had to be honest in the face of dishonesty

I’m Your Reader

Let your accuracy be my delicacy

Play with them for the meanings

And notable tinkles and twinkles

Let your words be the guiding torch

Whose light will shine on the moods

That soar and roar between the lines

I am your booklover, let me love your lovely lyrics

Feel their potency run riot & romance your poetry

Let me hear cheers cheep and witness tears transfer

I am your reader, let me wolf every well-placed “wow” word

My avid ears yearn for an orchestra of connotations and echoes

Emotions and intentions; engage my imagination and intellect

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