Egypt records 33 new cases of COVID-19

706 views | Doris Emmanuel | March 8, 2020

Egypt has recorded 33 new cases of the coronavirus. Health minister Hala Zayed told the media Saturday that the cases were recorded aboard a cruise ship on the Nile river in Luxor, Southern Egypt.

“Out of the 12, 11 are negative. Then we found 33 new positive cases. All of them have the virus with no symptoms. So there are 45 cases related to the Nile cruise ship, all of them are with no symptoms, 11 of those 45 became negative today”, she said.

She said the North African nation has a total of 3 confirmed cases as of now.


On Friday, the World Health Organization said the number of COVID-19 cases was now above 100,000. It urged all nations to make containment of the virus their highest priority.

The death toll around the world is over 3,500 across 95 nations and territories.


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