Easter: Cleric Warns Christians Against Preachers Of Life Of Ease

Awka – Christians have been asked to be wary of religious denominations that preach that life on earth is free from labour, sufferings and tribulations.

The Bishop of Awka Catholic Diocese, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor gave the advise on Sunday in an Easter message at the Cathedral Church of St Patrick’s, Awka, Anambra State.

Bishop Ezeokafor, who maintained that it is ‘unchristianly’ to expect that one can live happily on earth without experiencing one challenge or the other, expressed worry that such teachings have multiplied in Christendom.

He said Christ through his death, exemplified that sufferings and tribulations are crucial for the victory that were promised children of God.

According to him, even when Christ had the power to end his sufferings, he still opted that the will of the father be done, teaching christians that whether good or bad, what God has designed should prevail.

“Christians must be prepared to face challenges and tribulations. It is unchristianly to say that life is free from labor and sufferings.

“As we live here on earth, we should focus on the life after because life here is short and transient.

“If our hope is only in this world, we are the most miserable and that is the faith that should drive is as christians,” he said.

The Prelate however reminded Christian faithful that God has promised to be with them through the rough times, assuring them of victory at last if they hold on to God.

Ezeokafor described Easter as the most important celebration in Christendom, as it is the root of the Christian faith.

He said by giving His Son to die for mankind, God has demonstrated love and all Christians should learn to sacrifice for the good of humanity.

“Christ died on the cross to save humanity. Dying for the world is the greatest act of love. God demonstrated his love and came in human form to die a shameful death to redeem man after the first fall in the garden of Eden.

“What is vital for us in the Easter celebration is the love of God. It will be a terrible thing for christians to live without sacrifice for the well-being of others,” he pointed out.

The Cleric also used the Easter message to call to mind, the security situation in the country, urging government to be more sincere in dealing with the security situation in the country.

He condemned the recent targeting and killing of security agents by unknown gunmen especially in the Southeastern region, maintaining that human life is precious and should not be wasted indiscriminately and urging stakeholders in the region to stand up against the anomaly.

On the recent killings in Ebonyi State by herders, the outspoken bishop expressed worry that the body language of the Central government concerning the killings by herders, reeks of nepotism and favouritism.

“The president has been nepotistic in his disposition towards addressing the numerous challenges caused by Fulani herdsmen across the country. I don’t belong to the group that says One Nigeria is at all cost. The president’s people have undermined the Buhari administration and Mr President is treating the issue with kid gloves. People keep laws when they know the system will come after them if they default, but in our case, the Fulanis perpetrate killings with impunity, knowing fully well that nobody will question them,” he said.


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