Dorian© Poetic Op-ed By Oseloka H. Obaze 

902 views | Oseloka H. Obaze | September 7, 2019


Dorian, Dorian,

And so came pouring rains,

Awninged clouds and comingled winds,

An alchemy; ruthless, with ominous potency.

August’s cruelty seemed passé,

As Dorian’s awesome squall arrived,

Unto September it stalled to connive,

Wobbling its eye over island divides,

Before brandishing its high Category Five,

Uncontrollable Nature pelting rain pebbles,

As if in rebuke for abounding iniquities,

Battering the archipelago; bombing Abaco,

Decimating Grand Bahama to a pall,

Vesting a generational devastation,

With unfettered burst that made all fall.

Dorian, Dorian, and so came the strains,

Its shattering ill-winds truly alive,

Wreaked havoc in its turbulent hive,

Trafficking disaster like Gloria of eighty-five,

Atypical, unlike its ilk; Hugo, Katrina and Sandy,

Gritty Dorian gifted a dreadful message;

I’m the enemy you can feel, but cannot fight,

I’m from He, the author and the finisher,

Save the earth, or risk Nature’s chock-full rage,

Stop your tomfoolery; admit climate change.

In awesome wonder, Nature’s wrath did unfold,

Hurricane Dorian is a sight to behold,

With vengeance yet untold,

As crested wave romance floating Bruins,

And the islands nether is cratered in ruins,

Where to hide; what to hold, is naught.

Obaze, diplomat, politician, author and poet, is the author of Regarscent Past: A Collection of Poems (2015) and three other books. He is working on his second anthology, due in 2020. 

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