Don’t think of having a relationship if you earn 20k – Nigerian Lady

A Twitter user, Nora Stone has starred up controversies on Social media following her post on relationships.

In the post, she set a benchmark for people who are thinking about going into relationships.

She wrote “First of all if you’re earning 20k per month I don’t think you have any business thinking about relationships or even going on dates. None at all for any reason!”

Delineating on her view, she said “Here’s my point I’m saying that people have personal responsibilities and this includes family bills and all of that and relationships as much as we try to deny it comes with a whole lot of commitments and sacrifices which of course includes finance. Which is important.

“Now imagine earning that and having to juggle in between these responsibilities and your relationship. It will never really turn out to be how you sincerely want it But hey, this thing doesn’t have a manual, so it’s okay to do you! And this is for both gender”.

Reacting to the post, some persons have decried her, querying that relationship now has cut off mark.

@DannyWalta – Even Mazi that gave you nylon was once broke and married and things turned out well, judging by this analysis he should never have married?

@kenchu1234 – Poor people deserve punishment for being poor? You definitely have not seen life. I have been so rich and seen poverty and out of it. Some are still there not cause they choose but cause life is real. Nobody deserves to be punished with this harsh life. Change your mindset.

Napaul_ – If you find genuine love, the person’s pocket size will be the least on your mind, you just want to see yourselves happy & push each other to succeed. Whether the person earns 20k or less. In a relationship with pure intentions, happiness>>>> money.

Ijaoba_I_D – Some of you motivational speakers are depression itself. Madam, hunku, Everyman n woman with what makes them happy. If money was the joy if relationships Jeff bezos would still be married by now. Some Nigerian celebrities will still be with their spouses Let’s have sense pls.

@REELDAVIES – My father asked my mother out when he was still doing his photography bussiness. Not so much income and he still dated and got married. So this your point is trash ma. The only thing you can say is of you’re earning 20k be watchful on how you spend on somethings.

@Chude_ – When you see takes like this.. just know that the taker is far away from the realities of this country. Ezigbo aguu di obodo oo.. go to rural areas, people are happily getting entangled with their 15k salary with hope for a better tomorrow.

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