Don’t Call Me By those Names!

It doesn’t matter what you call me, but don’t call me by those names. Those names that have brought pains to my heart. Signed my soul and shredded my emotions completely.

Please call me anything, just anything but don’t call me by those names. Those names that in cahoot with virmpires and hynas of my home overturned my aspirations, dashed my dreams,

quashed the hope for my better future and blew off the glimmer of light emerging to illuminate the dark agenda of my detractors and oppressors.

Call me Gregory, call Paul. You can also call me Andrew, Simon, Timothy, Emeka, Bello , Musa etc Never in your life call me by those names. Instead call me Lucifer and Judas, I will be fine.

Those names think they could come into my life and break my heart, pulled the rug off my feet and pushed me into the den of lions to be devoured. They thought I would die, having my bones broken and crushed by their carnivorous teeth.

Shame!Shame unto them! Their joy and jeering are going to be short lived and the gallows prepared for my head, on it, their hiest heads will be hung.

Please don’t call me by those names. Those names that desire to take away my future and bestride it with arrogance as if it were their patrimony.

They thought they have laughed the last laugh. Smiled the last smile of treacherous intents. Hmmm!! The last of the plans and strategies to expose and disgrace them are still incubating. Their shock and fall wouldn’t know any boundaries.

Please call me by any other names but never you call me by those names..their end is near and the nemesis following them unimaginable.

Let them laugh. Let the clink of glasses be their signatures. They can go ahead and Buga, the end of this charades is near and the shame and disgrace coming for them in piece, meal unimaginable.

My home isn’t and can’t be a den of drug barons and serial fraudulent characters. My home can’t have miscreants and infirmed characters jostling to hold sway and command the flow of things, abomination!!

Atleast we have some sane people around my home, giving hope and reassuring disappointed souls how the glimmer of light at the tunnel can be turned into glows and dazzling of light for a renewed future.

Please call me not by those names nor associate them with my home, my sweet home! You are too decent to be over run by barons of illegal substances. Never!!

Their presence around my home wouldn’t be anything less disastrous.

Call me by any name! Certainly not by those names. They are but big cheats, miscreants and urchins in flowing Babariga.

They think everything is done and achieved with money . They brag and pride with their pockets already drilled deeper by the money of my home. They throw it around for the gullible who lack shame and decency, ready to sell their maternal ties for a wrap of them. Shame!!

Oh my home ! Home! Oh my home! sweet home!!. You

shall not be raped again and your decency wouldn’t be rolled into the smelling dungs of BATs who neither is of human nor of animals, just In between doing havoc in the deadness of the night. That is BAT for you a dangerous flying hiest .

Who takes BAT Inn for a companion? None!! He hides right inside the secret places of my home, dropping dungs and making cracking and annoying sounds that is neither human nor animal.

His time is up! Game over for him! The insecticides for his final burial is being prepared. He may have been a BAT of nine lives, that was then. It is game over and his fall will be gloriously shameful and disgracefully top-notch.

Let those who dance around his table of inordination and feast from his kills and loot, get ready to run for safety for the bang of a new dawn will make them uncomfortable.

Never! Never!! Never!!! Call me by that name nor associate my home with such characters. We are decent and civilised enough to know that the smell of the dung of a BAT is not only poisonous but lethal to the growth of any home. You know those names? They are the blood suckers. They are the supplanters. They are the cheaters. They are the manipulators. They are the trucaters. They are the slimming liers. They are those who say one and do another. They are the drug barons and narcotic abusers. They are the infirmed

My home! My sweet home!! You will surely be fine!



Jarlath Uche Opara

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