Donald Trump Threatens To End Iran

United States President, Donald Trump has vowed to put an end to Iran as a country if it ever threatened the United States of American again. The most powerful man in the world made this known in a tweet on his official twitter handle @realDonaldTrump

It will be recalled that the United States of America and Iran have been at logger heads for decades now with both leaders of the country failing to come to terms on certain national policies and humanitarian issues. The history of Iran and the United States of America did not just begin during the tumultuous tenure of the current US President but there has been friction between both countries for decades now with both failing to see eye to eye on a couple of national issues.

It will be worthy to note that the United States President does not deal so well with threats hulled at his country and history shows that just last year, President Trump ordered the destruction of military airbases and strongholds in Syria over the use of chemical weapons. The US President ordered the bombardment of tomahawk missiles in Syria over a year ago and this act among many goes on to prove that he is not afraid of taking action where necessary.

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