Do You Ever Feel Like the Universe Is Against You? Read This

In life there are times when no matter how much we try; how much energy we put in to achieve our dreams or make success out of ourselves, we feel the universe is working against us. It seems like the goal we are trying to reach is pushing further away from us. This feeling most times sprouts the feeling of hopelessness that could get us depressed. Below are some of the ways to handle such feeling;

  1. See every moment as an opportunity to  start fresh

The thing is, ever moment and every day is an opportunity for you to start afresh with a different mindset. No matter the hurdles you are facing right now, take a deep breath and believe that each day is an opportunity to make it right. It’s very silly to think that God or Universe is against you. Maybe, the time wants you to hold your ground and learn a lesson, which is why it is difficult.

  1. Be enthusiastic

I know there is a point in life when it’s difficult to stay enthusiastic. It always gets to the point where nothing excites you anymore but truth is, there are a million things to do in this world and you have to be enthusiastic about it. Enthusiasm actually keeps us going. Try and shift your focus from the problems you think you have and channel that energy to being grateful for the blessings in your life. I know there are responsibilities, but there must always be a time when you can find a way to enjoy still being you.

  1. Quit complaining

No matter how much we complain about the challenges we are facing in life, it doesn’t bring the challenges to an end. Complaining only exaggerates the problems and could even make them bigger. So learn to stop whining and complaining and face the challenges head on with the belief that it’s not going to last forever.

  1. Live in the present

This is one of the lessons I have learnt this year. There is no gain worrying about the future. Often times, I am usually lost thinking about the future, wondering what it has for me and in the long run, thoughts like this usually gets me depressed. Last month when it dawned on me that I will be passing out soon, I started thinking about what I would do after service – where to work; where to stay; how to fend for myself. Thinking about all these really got me sad and depressed. And did it solve the problem? No. So, don’t worry about what future is holding for you, but worry what your present is and how to handle it effectively. Also, make peace with your past and don’t let it affect your present as it will only ruin your state of mind.


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