Differences Between Divine Revelation, Scientific Research And Conspiracy Theories

186 views | Charles Adisa MD. | April 28, 2020

There is a whole lot of differences between
1. Thus says the Lord
2. Scientific research
3. Conspiracy theories.

Thus says the Lord is absolute in as long as it comes from a genuine vessel appointed or instructed by God. Occasionally when people plead for God’s mercy, he could reverse his words or judgment.

God in his wisdom, also does not expect us to accept every prophecy or vision but expects us to thoroughly investigate the veracity of such.

Scientific research is built on the following

1. Observations/questions leading to the hypothesis. The hypothesis is further investigated and evidence gathered to prove the hypothesis. The evidence is further submitted to an independent rigorous peer review mechanism and even after this, some research are recalled due to poor methodologies, fraud or bias.

Conspiracy theories are a potpourri of facts, fictions, assumptions, and sometimes pure propaganda to explain an unusual natural or non-natural event.
It could be as ridiculous as the tales by the moonlight where the Tortoise is usually the villain! It could also be a very cerebral fact-finding mission by the proponents of such narratives.

However, unlike scientific research, the evidence is neither peer-reviewed or subjected to an independent analysis by experts and other key sources. It is usually sold as a narrative or alternative truth to the widely accepted body of facts. Most times it has an ulterior motive of blaming, maligning or imputing harsh criticisms on its targets.
Occasionally, there are taints of religious, political, or racial bias.

In scientific studies, we have levels of evidence and each has its recommendations

1. Level 1 evidence
2. Level 2
3. Level 3

Level 1 is the highest in terms of reliability and integrity.

Conspiracy theories, on the other hand, are usually pushed by certain people or groups without independent body reviewing the evidence, methodologies and biases in the proposition. Scientific research is not perfect, but it goes through rigorous veracity mechanism just like God instructed us with divine revelations. Scientific research does a whole lot of credit to the Creator of the universe as it investigates nature and makes it clearer to mankind. Occasionally, scientists want to play God which is rather unfortunate as God is far above our human reasoning.

However, playing God is not limited to Science, religious gurus, politicians and all manner of people play the tin god roles.

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