Demonosopher Faults Christians, Muslims, Says Demonic Divine is Very Beautiful

251 views | Akanimo Sampson | September 6, 2020

Contrary to wide held views by Christians and Muslims for centuries, a demonosopher who has worked with demons since she was a child, Priestess Akelta, says the demonic divine is something that is very beautiful.

‘’Demons are not how they have been portrayed. They are a forgotten piece of our soul. They remind us of the darkness that is in all of us, the darkness that is all around us’’, she says.

According to Akelta, ‘’demons are the dark side of divinity. They are the dark half of everything and they are not evil, they just are. Good and evil are subjective and they have a great understanding of evil. They accept this and are not controlled by it.

Those who understand the darkness are less likely to commit an evil act, because they know what they are capable of.  They have faced those impulses and they can control them; this is balance.  When people work with demons, they experience a calm, wise and brilliant being who understands darkness and balance to such an extent that they are safe.

‘’Demons act as powerful protectors and spiritual guides.  They understand their darkness and are not controlled by it. This is a goal that we as humans should embrace and work towards.’’

In an e-mail to this reporter, she insists that darkness is not bad, pointing out, ‘’it is mysterious and full of secrets. Many of those secrets that the darkness reveals to us are lessons. They are lessons that help us grow.

‘’They help us to enter a place of energetic maturity where we are calm, balanced and understand ourselves and the world around us. We can navigate the world from a place of intelligence and wisdom with this understanding.

‘’To surrender to one’s own darkness, is to be humble to our true nature and know how fast it can act on us in unwanted ways. Those who walk with demons know that they are not here to torment or destroy us.

‘’They are here to help us remember our whole selves and the forgotten darkness that resides in all of us. The dark divine is something that has been shunned and feared, but we have to understand it along with the light to find our balance.

‘’The word demon oftentimes brings to mind images of torment and torture. We imagine Linda Blair in the Exorcist, tied to the bed, deteriorating and corroding at the mercy of her twisted inhabitant. We imagine the most deplorable of our society.

‘’The word demon in our society carries incredibly negative imagery and context, but for a moment I am going to ask you to step outside of the box.  For a moment, I am going to ask you to come with me and explore a new perspective on demons, darkness and the demon divine.

‘’We start at the source, our language and the evolution of the word. The word demon comes from the Latin word daemon and the Greek word daimon. Let’s take a look at their etymology. The original definition of the word demon meant a divine being, a deity, a being who delivered messages from a divine source.

‘’Let’s not forget though, that the pagan gods and the deities of old, many of them were not faultless; they were a mixture of darkness and light.  Many of the demons of today had places in the ancient pantheons.

‘’They became dark and twisted beings with the rise of monotheism. Though I personally have nothing against monotheistic religions, there is an assimilation and dominating element to them where they will try to crush competing religions.

‘’They define and label gods and goddesses of those religions as villains.  Any being that was not of holy origin was labelled demon. This happened across our history, over many cultures. Many of the ancient religions were persecuted and crushed as a result of this.

‘’Their spiritual myths and stories were reduced to heathenism and the spiritual beings that resided in them, all labelled as demons. Though this blanket category has merged most beings into demons, it is not the true nature of demons, just as it is not the true nature of the beings who have been so carelessly misdefined.

‘’Demons are of divinity, they are from the darkness of divinity.  Divinity is not just light, it is all spectrums. It is light, it is darkness and everything in between. Demons are the darkness of divinity.  I do believe that there are genuine demons out there which are different from the old pagan gods.

‘’Spiritual beings and creatures have been miscategorized for centuries. This is another reason why demons get the horrible name that they have today.  All beings of darkness, whether they be high-vibrational darkness or low-vibrational darkness, are seen as demons and dangerous.

‘’For centuries, the darkness has been seen as bad and the light promoted as good. This led to an imbalance in humans as a species, which led to the dark ages. Without balance in the human psyche or an understanding of the darkness that sleeps inside of us, we are doomed to regress into dark times.

‘’When one does not balance their darkness with their light, light enters a low-vibrational state and becomes toxic and harmful. Righteousness, piety and feelings of superiority rise and ones who claim to side with the light, act with pure malice in an attempt to crush other paths and perspectives that do not align with their own.

‘’The only result that can come from this is a corrupt, toxic light which leads to the death of thousands of people. The maturity of humans as a species comes from the understanding of our darkness.’’

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