Dear Ladies, Here Is How To Tell If Your Man Is Ready To Settle Down With You

So you have been in the dating game with your man for some years now and because you are not getting younger, you are wondering whether this man you are giving your all will settle down with you at the end of the day or if you are just wasting your time with him.

Well, you can as well stop worrying and keep reading to find out the signs that your guy is ready to settle down with you – if he’s showing you a few of these signs, it means he’s almost definitely ready.

He makes you his priority;

A guy who puts you first is a guy who wants to spend the rest of his life with you. It could be compromising or going out of his way to make things easier for you; it could also be taking your input and changing his plans. When a guy does these, it means that he is willing and ready to settle down with you. 

He wants your families to meet each other

A guy that is willing and ready to settle down with you will want your families to meet each other; he wouldn’t waste time introducing you to his family and would be eager to meet yours. We all know that marriage isn’t just marrying another person – it is also marrying their family. If your man is trying to do things to bring your families together, then it is a huge sign that he intends to deepen your relationship and settle down with you.

He brings up the future with you;

A guy who intends to walk down the aisle with you would always discuss his future with you. Though there are guys who like to plan and others who like to take things as they come. But when you are in a relationship with someone you love, to some extent you have to plan what is going to happen in the future. So, if he is reaching out to plan the future with you, then that is a huge sign that he is thrilled to settle down with you.

He can be his true vulnerable self around you;

We all know how difficult it is for guys these days to let down their guard and be vulnerable to any lady. So, when your man can be his true, authentic self around you – without judgment, without censoring himself or worrying that you won’t like it – it is an amazing feeling and chances are he is more than ready to settle down with you.

So there ladies! You have the signs already. Look out for these in your man to be sure if you are heading in the right direction or just wasting your time. 

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