Dear Ladies, Here Are Some Sex Positions to Try with Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Sarafina Ann Nneoha

Sarafina Ann Nneoha

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and there is no doubt that everyone is busy making plans on how to celebrate it. Tomorrow is that time of the year when November babies are made. So, for those dating, after all the glamour that comes with hanging out, the celebration is taken to the other room where a fantastic sex brings the celebration to an end.

Most of us want to have that an incredible sex tomorrow.  For a reason, sex on a valentine day is somehow special. But then, don’t get yourself all worked up about it. You don’t have to swing in on a trapeze carrying a whip and a gag ball to make Valentine’s Day memorably sexy. In fact, fantastic sex is not at all as complicated as you may imagine.

This is for ladies who are looking forward to having a fantastic sex with their partners.

First things first, set the scene. You could play a soft music, put a dim light in the bedroom, and arrange the bed. Setting the bedroom right has a way of stimulating the mood and senses and equally enhances the experience.

Even though the bedroom is all set and ready, don’t just delve into having sex the moment your man enters the bedroom. Make sure you are putting on something sexy and try and fool around a little. Once both of you get undressed, make sure you don’t jump straight into doing the dirty. Foreplay is essential as it helps get both of you in the mood. If you really want to have an incredible sex with your man, make sure the sex is not too gentially focused but rather the whole body is engaged. Don’t rush it. Take your time to enjoy the journey of sexual exploration of your man’s body.

After fooling around, you can now go into sex proper and here are some styles you can try out:

  1. The Scissors Position

If you really want your man to be completely obsessed with you and only you, then try out this position. To perform this scissors position, start by lying on your side so that one leg is on the bed and your other leg is right on top of it. Next, raise your leg and bend it so that your man has easy access to your vagina. Your man is also going to be lying on his side. Make sure both of are comfortable. Once you comfortable, all you need to do is to go with the flow of your man. Gently thrust back onto your man as he is thrusting into you.

  1. Reverse Cowgirl Position

You do this by having him lie with his back while you are on top, straddling him in a kneeling position, facing his feet. You can go ahead and ask your man to sit up slightly and hold you for more stability and skin contact. Don’t just go with the flow of his thrust, you can equally use your hands to touch and play with his balls and thighs while he touches your breasts and stimulates your clitoris.

  1. Spooning

This style is perfect for couples to enhance their passion and intimacy. Here, both of you are comfortable lying down and neither of you is totally in power. Rather, both of you are moving in tandem to give each other the ultimate pleasure. The spooning position helps your man hit your G-Spot and it equally allows both of you to run hands over each other’s bodies. You can even guide his hands if he is not hitting them quite right.

  1. Legs on Shoulder

This is a more advanced form of the missionary position. It gives missionary a little flare, but you can remain equally connected to your partner. In this type of position, you will be lifting your legs up on your main’s shoulder. You need to lie on your back and raise your legs so that they are pointing towards the ceiling. Your man is then positioned upright, on his knees and enters you while facing you.

  1. Missionary Style

Even though trying new positions can be really fun and has the tendency of injecting new sexual energy into your relationship but sometimes nothing beats the classics. So you are free to go with your normal missionary style. Here, you lie on your back with your legs apart while your man lies on top, between your legs with his forearms underneath your arms. To make it sensational, you should start slow and build up the speed and momentum, focusing on your rhythm and breathing for ultimate pleasure.

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