Dear Guys, Here is How to Make Her Come Back for Date Number Two

So I have this male friend that went out on a date with a lady. After the first date, he grew to like the girl – I mean, for his mind, the first date was so perfect so he couldn’t wait for the second date. But reality knocked him down when he called asking the girl if they could go out on a date again but the girl bailed out with reasons that weren’t very much clear.

For the next two days, my friend kept trying to take the girl out for a second date – he was bugging her with calls and messages till it got to a point that she started ignoring him.

You see, most guy think that just because they got a girl to go out on one date with them, their work is done. So, they go home feeling on top of the world till they call for a second date and the girl starts giving flimsy excuses.

Thing is, just because a girl decided to go out on one date with you doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes it, it might be out of sheer curiosity. The chances of her going out on a second date with you depend on how much she is into you.

So, the question now is, how exactly can you make a girl want to come back for a second date?

Well, make yourself comfortable, grab your popcorn and read through the list below on how to make her come back for a date number two.

  1. Avoid making a bad impression.

We all know that when meeting someone for the first time, your first impression is always the key. So when you show up on your first date with a lady and you end up making her feel either bored, uninterested or utterly turned off, the chance of getting to go out on a second date with her is virtually zero. Avoid things like bad hygiene, switching to an interviewer mode, talking about yourself throughout the whole date, etc.

  1. Don’t reveal all your cards.

When someone comes off as mysterious, it makes them seductive in some way. Personally, when I go out with a guy and after the date I fell like there is more to know about him, it leaves me curious and in a bid to satisfy my curiosity, I will definitely love to go out on a second date. When you are on a date with a lady for the first time, let her see enough of you but retain an element of mystery and she will be dying to set up a second date.

  1. Be careful how you make a sexual move.

Not introducing a sexual vibe on your first date with a lady could sometimes send signals that you are very much boring. So, be comfortable to touch her casually on her arm, leg and be comfortable with telling her how kissable her lips are. But be careful not to go extra. It might portray you as someone desperate or obsessed with sex. Balance is the key.

  1. Make her think of going on a second date with you

One of the ways you can do this is by dropping little hints on activities you can do together – perhaps there is a movie you have been dying to see. The anticipation will drive her mad and in an good way too. That way, the second date has been set without you trying so hard.

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