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Dear Guys, Here Are Five Ways You Can Make Yourself Dateable

A lot of times, some of my male friends have approached me asking why it seems as if they don’t appeal to any lady. They try so hard to get into the dating game yet no luck; no girl is even giving them green light so they are left feeling as though something is wrong with them

Well, this is me telling you right now that there is nothing wrong with you. Perhaps you are not employing the right tactics or rather you are not dateable – you are not someone a lady would meet and think to herself, “Oh Shit! I am definitely going to date this dude”. And trust me, I know it sucks.

But the good thing is, being dateable is something anyone can work on. It is not rocket science. So, let’s get straight to the point, “How do you as a man become dateable?”

First things first, “Get your shit together” – and what does this mean? It simply means you should not be dating if your life is still a mess. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should be rich and all that but at least, have a foundation, a decent job, a home or place that you are responsible for, have a healthy and positive mindset and attitude. Clear yourself of all the trust issues from previous relationships and make sure you are living in harmony with your personal values. This is what I mean by having your shit together.

Again, try and “Stay attractive”. It is not just us ladies that are meant to put effort into our looks, guys too should do this. See, we might not like to admit this every time, but we ladies love to be physically attracted to the man we are dating. So, please, try and start putting to your looks, eat healthily, take care of your body, and dress well.

Also, “Turn put on your confidence coat”. There is nothing that turns me on than a guy that is very much confidence about himself. Generally, confidence is damn sexy. It doesn’t just stop at dressing well and attractive, you also have to feel good about yourself.

Another way you can also become dateable is, “Learn to start listening to women”. Listening here means both the spoken words and the unspoken words. It is no longer news that we ladies are weird creatures.  Sometimes, we say a lot of things simply by keeping quiet. Your ability to figure out what a lady wants even without her saying a word is key, honestly.

And lastly, please, please, “have a great sense of humor.” Nobody wants to be around boring people. You should be able to crack her up a little and not bore her with serious conversations. And really, it takes a few seconds for a woman to know if a man has a good sense of humor. Don’t be afraid of being yourself around the person you’re dating.

So, that’s it, guys. The tips are not that difficult though. Just try and stick to them and see women flocking around you waiting to be identified as, “Your girlfriend”.

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