Day Seventeen: We All Have Stories To Tell

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

This afternoon, from my CD racks, I picked the CD of JOE NEZ. With the inscription “Joe Nez and his top six”.He was a music Icon,a legend, a no stranger to anybody that grew  in the 80s. You remember the tracks:  “I have a land lady,   Nosike , my Bussines trip, Baby You  and Me sweetie”

These tracks  one wouldn’t resist the temptation of listening over and over again.  They were life experiences told in lyrics with  a voice that  was a sonorous as the voice of a nightingale.

Joe Nez had a story like anybody else, the uniqueness of his was the way and manner  he chose to present  them.  Unless one  is a sadist, appreciating such  master piece comes  without any bias.

We all  have stories to tell. From  the day  we were  conceived,  to the moment of ones  birth to the years  of ones growth,   from one phase of life development to another, one is a bundle of stories.

None  was born with a particular kind of story.  Each day comes with its story and how one reacts to it,either  makes it ugly or most beautiful.

I looked at him, from a distance admired his looks, his carriage.  I wondered aloud in my mind if he had ever  cried,  felt pains,  got disappointed, betrayed etc. I saw a man standing on the beautiful and most amazing  side of life.  I wouldn’t have minded switching place and destiny  with him.  He was for me a graphic  definition of God’  assessment of his creation ” He looked at what  he created  and saw that  they  were all good.

In all these  he had a story, nonetheless.

A story he wouldn’t be proud  recounting and making  a public  spectacle of.  For me he was all Roses  but for him, the thorns in his roses are quite choking,  unless he tells  one,  one wouldn’t know.

He wore a tattered cloth, his hair unkempt.  His diction and command of English flawless. It looks like his life was filled with  thorns and tars,no roses, no fragrance and no droplets of morning dews, everything looked dry and hard. Much more beyond what eyes could see, there  was an amazing  story, dimmed and eclipsed by life ordeals.

He dresses nicely, drives around in an exotic cars. His office  furnished to taste. He breaks even , and lives somewhat an opulence lifestyle. Anybody that comes in contact admires him. They felt he had it all, born with a golden spoon in his month.  Life may be good now, but what many failed to realize  was, there  was  a story  behind all that.  Find out the story, may be your perception about him being lucky, privileged etc might change.

Every cloud has a silver lining,  every rose has thorns and every home made  palm wine has dregs.

These are part of life. Without the cloud,  there would be no silver lining, without the thorns  the rose could not be what  it is and of course  without the dregs, the palm wine may lose it power and strength.

Every life that  is worth emulating, at some point had a romance with  adversity. Gold is Gold because  of its tenacity at the face of furnace and its endurance in the hand of the blacksmith. Nothing good comes easy and in every ugly situation there is always a hidden beauty.

We all  have our different  stories! Stories that make us cry, weep, laugh and smile. Stories that send shivers, making one feel nostalgic. No one  person has same story line,  it might be slightly similar but not entirely the same. We are different,  with different destinations, assignments, purpose and goals.

No two persons are the same,  no two persons purpose is similar,  the route to achieving them may be the same but the plans and strategies may entirely be different.

Our stories may not be outwardly expressed,  they may be hidden, where nobody else knows them except  the bearer. Until  he leads one to that very spot, tells the tale,  one might either be admiring or despising an image one has no full understanding of.

We all have  stories,  only those we decide to tell  get to know them .

Until you  hear ones story,  admiring one or despising one may be premature.

Forget what you see, the posh  appearance, the carriage, the  worth, the status,the haggard and sore sight ,they are not what one is ,  there is a story behind them, look for the stories,  listen to them, by that one would understand  better and reduce the risk of judging one, either wrongly or over rating ones worth.

Our life is full of stories, the good,  the bad  even the ugly.   Many have made lemonade out of the lemon life thrown at them while others made a lemon from the lemonade given to them by life.  We all have stories to tell one way or the other. Only those who know ours will either appreciate or denigrate us rightly.

Happy Lenten season



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