Day Seven : How Powerful Are  Positives Thoughts?

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome  it” Jn 1:4-5

Those who read their bible,  this passage is one that comes across the lips of many. It is as popular as  Jn 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I am persuaded to start this reflection this way ,since  the word of God is a two edged sword. It brings  clarity to gray and dimmed areas of ones thoughts.

God is light,  light  is positive,  it shines and overcomes negatives which  of course  could be seen as darkness, with no power to comprehend the illuminating and radiating power of the light.

How powerful can negative energy and thoughts be, against the momentum of the positives?

Few days ago, I was in the kitchen trying to fix some fast food. My wife bought fresh tomatoes, lush and appealing to the eyes.  So I decided to fix a quick  tomato souce with eggs.

Having sliced some tomatoes and onions,  I picked three eggs to crack. The first two were fine, but the third egg was bad. Sadly , before I noticed it, part   of the albumen of the spoiled egg had  already mixed with the good ones already in the plate. I was caught between pouring away the entire sliced tomatoes, onions and yokes and albumen of the two good eggs and going ahead to consume it. Would it make sense to pour it away? How powerful can negatives be? and how influential  can they play on our psyche? It was a big challenge for me  trying to decide what  to do.


Why would it in the first place be a thing of challenge? For some that  sauce had already  been made  poisonous and a risk to human health by that small quantity of the bad albumen. Why didn’t I think to the contrary? The good  tomatoes , onions and eggs making the spoilt egg healthy to eat? How powerful can positives be in the presence of the negatives? Which one has an overwhelming power of dominance? Why would I pour away a gallon of pure water because of one tiny impurity? Why would I  pour away my cold chilled malt because I found in it a small fly?

Why would I brand someone  a cheat because he cheated once and ignore the very good activities of his previously?

Why would I hate someone who has been good to me because of one act of betrayal? Why would my attention be so much fixed on a stained spot of a cloth than on its  immaculate nature? Why would bad news travel faster than good news?

Why would I believe in the saying that  “evil association corrupts the mind”, but feel layback to believe that good association  makes an evil mind have a positive turn around? Why?

Why would a single mistake of someone be a definition of his personality against the wonderful behaviours of his over time ?

If light disperses darkness,  if darkness is too shallow to comprehend the power and brightness of light  why would  pouring away the entire good sauce because of one small spoilt albumen make sense?

Why are people more  believing when  it has to do with  negative prophecies but quite unbelieving when  positive  prophesies are said?

Why would one be so much unconcerned about the numerous words of blessings upon ones life but  gets miffed and disturbed over some curses on ones life?

Why would I find less meaning in  goodmorning but get agitated over greetings that  reflect bad morning?

Human mind  is very resilient and adoptable to whatever that is intently and consistently fed to it. It works on it , ferments it,  nurtures it and aids it to grow.

The human mind appears to be more receptible to news that are bad , ferments on them, drives them and gives them life and potency, while the goodnews slide oftentimes unnoticed and unutilized .

How positive is your mind? How positively can ones mind process information, seiving off the negative elements and making the positive no matter how insignificant, more pronounced and an anchor for either decision or assessment.

See the half full not the half empty.  See the bright and sunny side of things no matter how shadowy it is. Life  is filled with two energies, the positive and the negative, the one,  one pays attention to becomes the dominant and operational  energy in ones life.

What happened to the egg sauce ? you may ask.  Of course it was eaten.  How could one pour away such because of  one insignificant quantity of spoilt albumen?

I chose to believe in  the good reactive agents of the tomatoes, the onions and the two good eggs to  cleanse the bad albumen than to get scared by the bad smell of the bad egg.

It was my mind set. I chose to see positive against the various possible   negative effects of such a bad egg.

At all times be positive, even when  the shadow of negative vibes is pushing and making inroad into  ones thought space,  see positive  all the time.

Better to talk about that flickering light of positivity in  somebody’s life than to escalate the more, the negative energy no matter how pronounced or hidden.

Always be positive! At all times see the rays of light,  not the shadow of darkness.  See the hidden smiles in the face no matter how suppressed by the pains and agonies  of life challenges.  Learn to make excuses for people and give them the benefit of doubt,one wouldn’t know how big the pebbles in their shoes.

Every  cloud has a silver lining,  focus more on the lining,life  is too big to be summarised on one digit of hurtful behaviour while a lot of multiple digits of good behaviour  may be hidden from us. Look for those multiple digits of good behaviour and focus on them.

The truth is, nobody is entirely bad and nobody is entirely good.  Find out that good aspect of them, no matter how tiny and enlarge them.

Happy Lenten season.

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