Day Eight . Life Without An Informed Choice

Choice is fundamental.  It is the key to a life of responsibility.  It  creates an opportunity to say yes or no, to do or not to do . Remove choice from whatever relationship, interaction and engagement  one may be involved in, it becomes a life of absolute dependency , without a will, an opinion or a view no matter how small.

Choice makes one responsible,  it equally helps one to unilaterally take a particular line of action and take responsibility of it.

Choice makes one to grow.It  increases by every choice made,  the creativity of ones sense of judgement.

Parenting without a good dose of choices  for children isn’t the best way. It muffled in them the emerging instinct to express self and make decision  however good or bad.

A child trained under a muffled sense of choice, would be a child trained to lose identity,   groomed to see himself from the lenses of other people decision.

Did God create  Adam and Eve  blind?  They had eyes but  saw not their nakedness. Everything was good and beautiful,  their nakedness  wasn’t a thing to behold by their eyes. They  were naive and innocent of their environment.  Were they prepared to make an informed  choices based on their  state of mind?

At what point did God give Adam and Eve the will to make a choice? At creation? At the Garden of Eden? May be at the point where he told them about the tree of life and death? Just may be. He said ” The day you will eat it , you shall die? The communication was shrouded with a lot of  unclearity.  If God had  told  them how their eyes would be opened,  how they would be chased out of the Garden and how their life would have an instant 360 degree turn around from the groove of the abundance of the Garden to the curse inflicted world of pains and travail , may be they  would  have had a  well informed choice to eat or not to eat?

Free will without clear information is as deadly as lack of freedom.  Could  this  be the undoing of Adam and Eve?   playing into  the trap of  Serpent  who knew and understood the fogginess of that  instruction to their minds?  Though they made a choice could  it be  their choice was born out  of ignorance on the  real consequences of their choice?

Why would any parents tell their young female children that they would get pregnant by may being touched by a man? Many mischievous young boys played around this erroneous information to have their ways with girls in their naivety. Could  this be the undoing of Adam and Eve?

As good parents, you should  learn  to come out clear and bare on matters and issues. Explain every  detail of how things  work, the consequences and benefits  and allow them make their choices on the  information provided.

Choice is an intrinsic part of  human development.  Without Choice  the mind develops in a very slow manner, if not developing secondary imbecility.

Allow your children  to make choices  don’t gag them, don’t pamper them  to the threshold of idiocy.

It might be ill chosen, it equally might be good.  However it turns out , let it be that there are  at all times choices to be made, provision  of clarity on the consequences, benefit  and directions on how to make such informed choice.

A little of independence on them  helps to form them and firm their identity and reality.

Make your choices.  Learn to make your lenten choices based on informed knowledge not on crowd  sentiments.

Choose your friends not on sentiments and transient cosmetic flashes but on an informed information of values and principles they are made off.

Choose who to be with in marriage , not out of pity and favor rendered previously, rather make such choice out of  tested feelings of personal conviction .

Choose what brand of a car to drive, what  type of school  to put  your children in,  how much of a house  to rent  etc, out of true reality of the depth of ones pocket not out of the crave to flounce and keeping  up with the Joneses.

Let our choices be one out of personal conviction , informed of the consequences and benefits not one taken to impress and belong.

We are certainly the choices we make and the choices we either  make  or not are   us. Be careful the choice you make, many have ruined their prospects and as well blossomed their dimmed future respectively by the choices they made.

Between smoking and having  healthy lungs between drinking and having a functional liver,  between  living a dishonest life and having a good name etc All these are choices to be made,  and who  we turned out to become and not become  is the result of those  choices we make.

Learn to make choices, shun being an “oh yes member” have a voice and make a choice no matter how complex, just make a choice, for a life without an independent choice  is a life in the maze  of dependency and restrictions. It limits!!

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