COVID-19: Nigeria confirms 35 cases as 11pm deadline for airport closure nears

301 views | Victor Gai | March 23, 2020

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), has just disclosed 35 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus disease in Nigeria, including 33 active cases and two discharged cases. Disclosing this on its Twitter handle, NCDC has also confirmed the first death in Nigeria due to the disease.

Meanwhile, passengers are racing to meet the deadline of 11pm set by the Federal Government for the closure of all its airports.

The News Chronicle, gathered via Channels TV reports and images of a large number of passengers waiting to board the available.

“Contrary to expectation, the authorities here have explained to us that the closure would occur at 11 pm tonight. Earlier this morning, a large number of passengers were here and they are pitching their tents in about four airlines that were present at that time. Between now and the afternoon from what the flight display board says, about six flights were expected”, the reporter said.

Also, it was revealed that several airlines have cancelled their flights to Nigerias due to the Federal Government restriction.

“A number of global carriers who fly to Nigeria have cancelled their flights; most of them have done this because of the restriction the Federal Government has placed. Recall that on the 21st, three out of the five international airports were closed- that is Port Harcourt, Kano, Enugu which already had been closed before now because it is under repairs. So come 11 pm tonight, we don’t expect that there would be one passenger on this terminal. Many of those carriers as well apart from the global carriers; some of the airlines in Africa have called off their flights due to poor passenger demand”, the reporter concluded.

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