Coke trails Ronaldo yet again

Recall that few weeks back, at the early stage of the recently concluded EURO2020 tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines after he shoved bottles of coca cola drink placed in front of him during a pre-match conference.

He didn’t stop there; he raised a bottle of water in solidarity of healthy living as opposed to consuming sugar. This singular act of the super star caused the beverage giant a loss of about $4 billion in just few hours.

The coca cola incident has since been laid low until recently when a batch of contraband “coke” was intercepted by customs with Ronaldo’s CR7 tag on the consignment.

Report gathered from the Sun says that about 40kg of cocaine was discovered in a lorry in France and the driver has been arrested and is being charged with importing the drug. It is quite interesting as coca cola is know as coke just as cocaine is also referred to as coke.

Ronaldo does not have any connection with the illegal drug, except for the CR7 logo which has come to be associated with him being found on it. It is a common practice though among criminal gangs to brand drugs for proper identification as the commodity moves from one selling point to another. No one can yet tell if the peddlers used the logo innocently or otherwise.

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