Happy couple clubbing at a nightclub having fun dancing

Club promotions seem to be the new oil wells in this Lagos

What club promoters do is simple:

Sign up with a night club/lounge.

Use your clout to attract clients or members with deep pockets to the club every night and then share commissions with the club.

For the most part, the commission shared is like 10% of the total income made that night.

So let’s say a lounge made 100 million naira in one night; the promoter will go home with 10 million naira tax-free from the club.

You must be an extrovert, popular and influential with yahoo boys ecosystem or an Instagram/TikTok influencer to be able to be successful in this niche and hustle.

Some of the high profile club promoters appears to be successful from this hustle.

Big Brother Naija Frodd bought two cars and a house in Lekki because apparently, being a club promoter pays his bills.

There is a guy that I follow on Snap Chat, Yhemolee.

He drives a G wagon, lives in a house in Lekki, and he is barely 29 years old despite just being a Club promoter.

He promotes a couple of clubs in Lekki, and he recently shared a receipt of how much he makes from being a club influencer.

According to him, he makes 24 million in one night when business is good and then 7 million in one night when business is slow.

And there are a couple of other club promoters, like White Lion, who promotes Obi Cubana’s club and other clubs in that axis.

If truly Club promotion is what made these people rich, for me it shows the ingenuity of our young people and how they turn lemons into lemonade on their own terms.

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