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Citizen Wiwoloku: From Italy With ‘Love’!

Italy is often described derogatorily as the “Nigeria of Europe”! This is because of the European country’s mafian lifestyle and high level of social criminality. Yet the country is home to the declined Roman empire and the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic Papacy. Again, it is called ‘Nigeria of Europe’ because of her political disorganization and acrimony akin to that of the giant of Africa. Because Nigeria has a huge complicated crime rate just like Italy.

Italy boasts of megalomaniacs and eccentric politicians just like Nigeria. There you have the Silvio Berlusconis, Matteo Salvinis and back home in Nigeria you have the late Adedibus and Okorochas. ‘Iberiberism’ abounds in Italian politics just like in Nigeria’s.

Many Nigerians running away from home for economic emancipation are flooding Europe in general and Italy in particular. Remember Lampedusa? Europe by road (with departure point in Agadez in Niger Republic) remains a dangerous (mis)adventure. While thousands had made it alive to Italy, Germany, England and France thousands more had perished inside the oceans, drowned or eaten up by sharks and whales!

Yet, the exodus continues unabated! Faced with a hopeless future, no jobs, no money and no responsible government African youths (especially those from the sub-Saharan countries) risk limbs and lives for greener pastures outside the African hellish shores.

Italy boasts of great cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Genoa, Venice etc. Sophisticated prostitutes abound including Filipinos and Nigerians. Prostitution is not illegal and some smart Nigerians involved in the whore business has used and abused this law to export prostitutes raking in millions of Euros.

Recently the Italian hard-working police had dismantled a Nigerian international prostitution syndicate making some arrests and liberating some women of easy virtues trapped in fetish servitude. The police authorities indicated in a report how these ladies paid humongous fees to be taken to Europe as whores or beggars. Besides, voodoo priests were involved in making it extremely difficult for any default in payment.

Italy has made a whole lot of Nigerians, fraudsters, whores, drug lords and purveyors; illegal immigrants who came in (through the back door without passport or visa) via Libya, Morocco and Algeria. But that does not mean that there are no good decent Nigerians doing legitimate business or work in Italy. Of course there are many! Not every Nigerian abroad is a scammer, drug peddler, prostitute or illegal immigrant.

One of those responsible Nigerians based in Italy is one Vivian Olusola Omololu Wiwoloku. Citizen Wiwoloku was in the news online recently over his family marital woes. He opened up on how his life was being threatened by his estranged wife, Veronica Bolaji Wiwoloku. Veronica was presented as a ‘Jezebel’ out to not only undo the marriage but to harm the man.

When I first read about the sensational story last weekend I was stupefied by its pathetic details. Stupefied not because worse things had not happened before involving love and heart-break but because the lucidity and the passionate appeal for help from the supposed victim rang a defeaning bell in my consciousness.

According to Olusola Wiwoloku he had married his estranged wife without courtship many years ago. And the marriage was blessed with three kids, all grown up. He brought the woman to Italy and worked hard for the family to be comfortable in life by investing heavily. He claimed that Veronica was the husband while he was the wife (!), a role reversal incompatible in any marriage.

He lamented how the lady was denying him sex, something he said was his conjugal right. Wiwoloku made it clear she wanted to kill him by using juju to ‘disable’ him and have him deported back home! He accused the mother-in-law of working in cahoots with her daughter claiming that the landed properties and business ventures he had established jointly with their names had all been taken over by the Jezebel.

While it could be hasty and prejudicial to draw any definitive conclusions (having not heard from the other side in the marital conflict) it is safe to conclude that citizen Wiwoloku is a victim of ‘love’, one fraught with perfidy, fetish implications and psychological trauma.

Veronica the Jezebel had in an interview with a media organisation asked the husband’s place of work, Pellegrino Della Terra, and the Italian government to investigate him and make sure he was deported to Nigeria. She equally accused Olusola of abandoning her to marry another woman in Nigeria, whilst still legally married to her! Wiwoloku had denied this charge of extra-marital association with another woman in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerian men based abroad are faced with this kind of dilemma. And most are living in denial, suffering in silence and bearing their ‘cross’ with equanimity. Marriage is a serious ‘love’ business! The holy book makes it clear that whoever findeth a good wife finds favour in the Lord.

The solution to citizen Wiwoloku’s marital nightmare is simple: divorce! He should file for divorce and thereafter marry another woman who loves him. Veronica is not his wife from day one! She was a gold-digger who must have used fetish means to hypnotise her husband prior to the conjugal engagement!

He made a terrible mistake of going for a woman he knew little or nothing about her history or background. Now, she is ready to send him six feet below with fetish means in the event of any resistance to servitude.

Perhaps what has been the saving grace of Wiwoloku is his strong faith in Jesus the Christ. Veronica is, in our reckoning, beyond redemption! And no dialogue, diplomacy or reconciliation would work any miracle.

Citizen Wiwoloku must be man enough to confront the conjugal problem rather than sounding defeated and pitiful. His photograph that accompanied his public intervention gave him away as a she-man. He cought to change his attitude and countenance to inspire fear and respect.

Ordinarily, women are meant to be submissive to men. As it was from Adam and Eve so shall it remain in our generation and the next till eternity. A thousand Veronicas cannot change that!

We wish citizen Vivian Olusola Omololu Wiwoloku victory in the marital battle of his life. May God give him the spirit of power and sound mind to prevail.

SOC Okenwa


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