Chase Oppressors & Violence Out Of Africa Not Talented Youths  


If you have superior judgement, appeal to voters’ intellect not their primordial instincts for violence so that the silent majority could vote against their own self-interests. There is no country, no matter how powerful, that will fight for you if you refuse to fight for yourselves. Super Powers have their prices. They demand arms, legs, land and economic subjugation in return. This is how Africa, the richest continent, harbors the poorest people in abject poverty.

The former President of the United States, a Republican conservative, discerns similarities between domestic and foreign terrorism as “children of the same foul spirit”. People of goodwill in the world had opined:  We need to step back and think about where the short term reward of power by the encouragement of violence is leading the world.

What 911 has done is garnish world overwhelming support for the United States even in the Muslim countries. Those against suicide bombing have increased, reducing to minority those for it, in these countries. But that minority influence is still powerful and dangerous to world peace. Indeed, the fight between extremists advocating Sharia, between Shiite and Sunni has intensified. The only common agreement within them, even in Afghanistan, is affinity to China that has suppressed the Muslim or any religion at home.

While the United States is tired of nation building because the amount of maintaining such countries, costs American lives and resources beyond the volition of a democratic elected government. It will take time and reflections to determine this because the British and the French claim to have lost interest in empire building, yet their fingers and influence are all over the former members of their Empire.

African oppressors, terrorists and looters have created the worst economic situation in the land that used to flow with wara and honey. We got here by glorification of personal greed from individual families reflected in our political circle that became the model for others to emulate. In the rush to accumulate wealth and money, our Youths took to different types of nefarious activities. They  boast with printed American cash, that African Central Banks cannot print locally.

They have replaced the hard working class that made money the old fashioned ways of perseverance, investment that wait patiently for returns. The Vagabond in Power from the military that encourages bandits, drug peddlers, rituals and religious fanatics now lay claim to the upper class. Indeed, the cultured class with old fashioned money dare not compete with them. Old money class have restrained their guests at ceremonies not to spray cash on celebrants and drummers because that custom has been bastardized.

While we discouraged jungle justice to petty thieves that were chased on the streets with stones and sticks, oppressors and looters have taken to the tactics of smart thieves that mingle with the crowd pushing innocent chasers forward and shouting thief, thief! They are now labelling lazy Youths, pushing them out of African countries. It is about time the Youths backed to the wall, turned against oppressors, recovered the stolen loot and chased them out.

Unfortunately, the so-called civilized world is now changing from the use of popular votes to brutal undemocratic laws and regulations to deny votes that undermine governance. They do it openly for dictators and religious fanatics around the world to copy so that they can use them  at home. The spoils of war, violence and blood must not overtake our sense of decency and fair play in the days of our children.

Super Powers and vandals have the insatiable urge to invade any rich and civilized enclaves to exploit the wealth, steal talented youths and resources as nation building to enhance their own way of life and exert control. China’s hold on Hong Kong as part of their country cannot be disputed now, but the threat on Taiwan is real. The same is true about North Korea that may not relent until they capture South Korea, unite the two countries like Vietnam.

Jamaica and most West Indian countries change governments by elections, but Jamaica also shares this violent infighting during the elections, even before the time of Michael Manley and Edward Seaga. Haiti is still paying economic destabilization for its pioneering proactive political Independence. Sit tight Presidents have infected many countries. Guinea is the latest to remove another, after Haiti assassination of it’s President. Africans at home and in Diaspora have enough problems building their countries against all odds.

Fulani in every African country have never given up on domination of the rest of the people either by preaching their form of Islam which is different from the Muslim Africans were exposed to since the 14th Century. Their backup plan is to establish pastoral rights in every state, city and village across Africa. Those countries like Nigeria, Central African Republic or Niger where Fulani exacerbate division to overcome people of goodwill, must repel violence.

The problem West African countries have with Fulani is that they want to rule by creating violence and chaos through ancient herdsmen land grabbing for cow grazing patterned according to Sharia and Crusade. It is not Christians v. Muslims but raw violence v. equal votes of men and women at the ballot box. Peaceful religions can reign without violence as demonstrated in Western Nigeria where members of the same family can belong to any religion without fear of violence.


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