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Cardi B Reveals Why She’s Back with Hubby Offset, Says She’s a crazy Bitch

Popular American rapper, Cardi B has unearthed the reasons behind her decision to go back to her husband, Offset.

It would be recalled that the 27-year-old filed for divorce from Offset back in September following his alleged serial infidelity.

According to the, the rapper took to her Instagram stories on Thursday, October 15, 2020, where she talked about the reconciliation moves between Offset and herself.

She said “Listen y’all, I’m just a crazy bitch. You know how I be arguing with y’all on social media? That’s exactly how we are, between me and my man. So when people be saying I be doing s–t for attention, with this and that, no, I’m just a crazy bitch”.

 “One day I’m happy, the next day I wanna beat a n**ga up. I just be starting to miss [him]… It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have no d–k.”

Meanwhile, there have been speculations that Cardi B’s decision to reconcile with her husband was because of the gifts, especially the Rolls Royce birthday gift she got from Offset on her last birthday.

“People been saying that I took him back like I’m materialistic. I do like material things, I like material things and everything, but I just didn’t … What do you want me to do? The n—a gave me a Rolls-Royce and I snub him?,” the rapper said.

 She added: “And I really wanted some d–k for my birthday, we’re just really typical, two young motherf—as who got married early, that’s what we are. We’re not no different than y’all f—in’ dysfunctional-a– relationships. We’re the same way. We’re just more public,” she concluded.

With the current development, it is not clear if the court hearing which is billed for November 4, 2020 will still hold.


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