Business Leaders Stress the Significance of the Shift to Digital

The corporate executives who congregated in Lagos for a digital strategy boot camp left with the skills they needed to increase income through digital channels.

According to the event’s organizer, Hassan Ismail Consulting, it is now important to assist company executives in adopting the digital strategies that are essential to the success and expansion of their organizations.

The boot camp’s organizer, Dr. Hassan Ismail, stated that as the business world develops, digital transformation has turned into a crucial tool for businesses to remain competitive and succeed in the digital age.

Ismail, who is also the CEO of the real estate development firm Eystone, warned that those who resist the digital revolution risk falling behind, while those who take use of new technologies would prosper.

In today’s economic environment, chief executives have access to enormous amounts of data, and those who know how to use the data to generate development and innovation are well-positioned to thrive, he noted, underscoring the importance of digital strategy for CEOs.

The Eystone manager gave the participants a breakdown of the advantages of digital marketing, website building, and online reputation management best practices, as well as the importance of ongoing learning and innovation.

The program gave attendees essential knowledge about how to create and implement efficient digital strategies while also walking them through hands-on workshops on social media marketing, lead generation, and customer relationship management.




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