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Buhari should make Pastor Tunde Bakare his Vice President NOW

Mark, Set Goals in  2020

The time has come for President Mohammadu Buhari to take the painstaking decision to replace the vice president Professor Yemi Osinbajo with Pastor Tunde Bakare. This should not be a difficult decision. What President Buhari needs to do is to call Professor Osinbajo to his bedroom in  Aso Rock and explained to him while he needs to bring in pastor Tunde Bakare now. He should ask professor Osibanjo to resign. I know there is going to be a few constitutional issues involved, but that could be sorted out when there is no grandstanding. As we can all see, professor Osibanjo has been rendered incapacitated by the cabals in Aso Rock and he appeared to be helpless. For pastor Tunde Bakare, he would have run out the cabals from Aso Rock, because he is a no-nonsense man.

Pastor Tunde Bakare is a well know Nigerian fiery preacher and he was the vice-presidential candidate to candidate Buhari in the 2011 presidential election. When in 2015, Professor Osinbajo was fostered on candidate Buhari, it wasn’t his choice, pastor Bakare accepted the choice and campaign feverishly for the Buhari-Osinbajo election in 2015. Pastor Bakare could have got offended but he took it calmly and continue to offer godly counsel to president Buhari whenever he is called to do so.  Pastor Bakare is what Nigeria needs now.  Honestly, I think Professor Osinbajo will be relieved if president Buhari called him to resign and heaven will not fall. This is the best time for him to leave Aso rock. Bear with me, I like Osinbajo. When his helicopter crash-landed somewhere in Kogi State while campaigning before the 2019 presidential election, I was touched and wrote the audacity of courage.  For Dr. Tunde Bakare I never met him one on one,  I only attended his Church,  for two years in the early 90s. Let the truth be told, God has been partial to Professor Yemi Osibanjo. He got an opportunity and he grabbed it with both hands. He has done his best.  He has had the best of life. He should be grateful to God. I mean, what else does he want? This is a man who never tasted suffering in life.

All through his life, he never lacked any good thing. Unlike those of us raised in the village, who went to village school without shoes, the cerebral professor was raised by educated parents who sent him to the best schools.  Unlike some of us who has to rush back to meet our parents on the farm after school, and went to the river miles away to fetch water for cooking in the village, Osibanjo never had such kind of experience. Never. From Corona primary school to Igbobi  College to the University of Lagos to the London School of Economics, he has everything made up for him. Again we are not underestimating the part of hard work to these high profile education attainments.

Pastor Tunde Bakare was the convener of the Save Nigeria Group that fought for the doctrine of necessity that brought in Vice President Jonathan Goodluck to power when the then-president Umaru Yaradua was sick and was held captive by his wife and the cabals in his government.  When pastor Bakare gets to Aso Rock he will place prophetic judgment upon each of the cabals that are holding this nation captive. I know they will advise Buhari never to bring in Dr. Bakare now because they feared him, but it is too late.  The cabals are comfortable with Osinbajo who they can ignore or manipulate, but they are joking. I will push this idea until it is implemented. When I  counsel the president to set up the Economic Advisory Council, he listened and did it. He will also implement this idea as well.

Now, to the issue of our present situation in Nigeria. Honestly don’t be deceive anything is working in this nation now. President Buhari is under the stronghold of cabals. All political appointments are skewed toward the north, all made by the cabals. The matter of Nigeria has now become Sidon look apologies to late Bola Ige. But we cannot Sidon look, we need to make input and keep talking until the changes we desired are effected. There must be something new, something dramatic. A new limb is urgently needed. Tunde Bakare must come in while Yemi Osinbajo must be shown out.

Yes, the office of the vice president of Nigeria is like a spare tire. In fact, it is Yemi Osinbajo that has brought some dignity to the office by his activities yet, the cabal would not let him have a free hand to work.  Unfortunately, the same Osinabjo denied the existence of the cabals and said he was still looking for the guys in Aso Rock.

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the gadfly, the enfant terrible is a necessity in the Nigerian political scene now. Let me recall something that happened years again at the Latter Rain Assembly. I cannot forget this as long as life. It was during the Sanni Abacha regime. Abacha has just removed Shonekan and announced his ministers. The names of the ministers are published in the newspapers the next day. That Friday evening, we were having an all-night prayer meeting at Latter Rain Assembly pastored by Tunde Bakare. He bought the Daily Times where the names of Abacha ministers are published and brought it to the prayer meeting. When it was time for us to pray for Nigeria, pastor Tunde brought out the newspaper where the names of Abacha ministers are published. And he said

“Please everybody say after me, Alhaji XYZ, minister of Iron and Steel, the blood of Jesus is against you” We prayed along that line for all the ministers and later “to you General Sanni Abacha (he called him by the name of one of the wicked kings in the Bible), the blood of Jesus is against you”. We truly prayed that night. Well, it was not surprising that Sanni Abacha and all his ministers ended their lives and career with ignominy.

Tunde Bakare was an erudite lawyer that were he to have followed on the part of academics he would have become a professor emeritus by now.  He is a sound administrator who for many years has been leading a religious organization that employed many Nigerians. He is also a shrewd businessman. He has been preaching many years before Osinbajo became a Christian.  Dr.  Tunde Bakare truly loves Nigeria and Nigeria has been the focus of his attention and message for over thirty years. He preached about Nigeria, fast and prayed for Nigeria and he has thoroughly and thoughtfully diagnosed Nigeria. I think he has a grasps of the challenges this nation is going through and of course the solution. Let him come in to assist president Buhari is salvaging Nigeria from its present decadence.

I remember again, one day in the 90s, Dr Bakare was leading us to pray for Nigeria and he busted into tears. We all cried that day. Professor Yemi Osinbajo is too shy, indecisive, and lay back to confront the cabals.  He wasn’t prepared for the tasks that was bestowed on his shoulders. But Bakare has what it takes to lead Nigeria. Tunde Bakare knows Nigeria and understands the dynamics of politics and economic issues that is affecting this potentially great nation. Let him come in and help. We all thought that Buhari has a magic wand. Now we know better.

Tunde Bakare is not a soft meat. He will go and point his finger into the face of any cabal that want to stop him his track. Pastor Bakare’s wife is also a nice woman who will get along very well with the first lady. There are thousand and one angle to look at this issue, but I think the few ideas I shared would be enough to persuade President Buhari to take this painstaking decision. The angels are still in the whirlwinds.

I must thank you for allowing me to share my candid thoughts with you. You are not born to suffer. There is a seed of greatness within you. Only you can make your life a masterpiece. You have an option, either you sit down and bemoan your fate and be crying that Nigeria  has not been fair to you  or design a workable plan and go live your life intentionally. The choice is yours. Thank you and God bless you. God bless Nigeria.








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