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Buhari, Resign Now! – Archbishop of Kaduna Blows Hot

Most Rev. Mathew Manoso Ndagoso of the Catholic Diocese in Kaduna state has lamented on the hardship in the country and compelled the president to resign. He said President Buhari has shown clearly that he does not have the capacity to lead.

The Bishop stated this when he fielded questions from journalists at the ongoing Annual General Meeting of the Nigeria Catholic Diocesan Priests’ Association taking place at the Catholic Social Centre, Kaduna.

He said the current administration of President Buhari has impoverished the lives of Nigerians as it is becoming increasingly difficult for Nigerians to feed.

“You see them dressed up in Agbada, but if they tell you what they are going through – that they are not able to feed their families. It has never been this bad in our country.”

The catholic priest compared Nigeria to India, saying Nigeria is blessed with natural and human resources and we have no business being the poverty capital of the world.

“Officially our population has hit 200 million, and India has over 1.2 billion people, but the resources we have India does not have yet we have over taken them in terms of poverty.

According to him, “You see, in governance or democratic government, if you know you don’t have the capacity to even rule a local government, don’t put yourself forward.

“The very fact that you put yourself forward you are telling the people that you have the capacity and the know-how.

He called on the president to seek experts and get the right people in positions to assist him in piloting the affairs of the country.

“Even if you don’t have the know-how I think in leadership, you don’t need to have the know-how.

“I think you should have the intelligence to get people who know to be able to do the job. Nobody, no matter how intelligent you are, you cannot do it alone.

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