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Broke guys are not permitted to have erection – Nigerian lady

Elvira Jordan

A Nigerian lady identified as Elvira Jordan has caused commotion on Facebook after she noted that any guy who is broke is not permitted to have an erection.

She wrote: “If you are a broke guy, you are not permitted to have an erection…I repeat, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE AN ERECTION! Ayaaaaah! Who slap me”

Reacting to the post, some Nigerians made the following comments:

Kelvin Imoniwe – Madam, erection got nothing to do with wealth or poverty.

Ixzi Israel – Them no slap you well, wetin Adam get when he kpomuna eve bayi?

Tamy Alali Tams – Girls dat are the most broked humans on Earth especially ur country girls, wat should become of them

Tamy Alali Tams – If no be der pussy, dey have nothing to offer to the world, imagine say ona no get pussy, how useless ona go dey for this present world.

Simeon Ogbumgbada – Oya come cut my dudu na. God way give us morning erection no make mistake. Na stand my dudu stand I no commit murder.

Oklo Pharel – So God that programmed it to rise at dawn is a fool now abi??

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