BREAKING: Joe Biden elected as America’s 46th President

International news organisations are projecting Joe Biden, candidate of the Democratic Party, as the winner of the 2020 US presidential election.

CNN, NBC, the BBC and Associated Press are some of the global media organisations that have called it for Biden.

In a news broadcast, CNN declared Biden ”elected president”.

The US election, held on Tuesday, has been a roller-coaster of surprises.

Biden defeated US President Donald Trump, candidate of the Republican Party, in states that are Republican strongholds.

Biden, former US vice-president, has garnered more popular and electoral votes than Trump. Though final vote collation is still in progress in some counties.

He so far has clinched 273 electoral college votes, three more than he needed to win the presidency.

The AP gave him 284 votes, after calling Arizona.

 The 77 year-old Democratic candidate won the decisive battleground state of Pennsylvania on Saturday.

He is the oldest American to be elected President.

Making history with him is his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, an African Asian American, who has become the first woman of colour to be elected as vice-president.

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