Brazilian Football Legend, Robinho Sentenced to Nine Years Imprisonment

Former Brazil international Robinho has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment after being convicted of sexual assault which happened in 2013.
Robinho and his friend Ricardo Falcoe were accused of sexually assaulting an Albanian girl who was celebrating her 23rd birthday in a well-known nightclub in Milan.
Robinho was then sentenced to nine-year imprisonment, but he appealed the case pleading not guilty; his appeal was overturned after the Italian court in Milan upheld the nine year sentence.
In 2009 when he was at Manchester City, he was investigated by the police on the account of an alleged rape case at a nightclub in Leeds, but after much questioning, he denied all accusations and was released on bail.
The girl’s lawyer, Jacopo Gnocchi, told reporters that “This sentence is an example for the protection of women and shows that the system works, when necessary,”

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