Boys who allegedly lure, kill gay people, arrested

Lagos Chief

Two boys who allegedly specialized in killing gay people have been arrested after allegedly killing a homosexual man who recently contacted them via Facebook.

Kito, aka Utali Ekwensu (the devil’s cane), and his accomplice, Chidi, confessed to the crime and narrated how it happened.

Kito said the deceased, who is from Benue State but lives in Owerri, Imo State, contacted him on Facebook and demanded sex. He accepted and they agreed to meet.

The man also promised to give him N20,000 after their romp. However, Kito had other plans. He said he connived with his friend to steal the N20K from the deceased when he arrives, without rendering the sexual service agreed upon.

When the deceased arrived, Kito asked him for the money but the man said he would only pay after sex. Kito then signaled his accomplice and he came out and forcefully tried to collect the money from the deceased.

The men said that a fight broke out and Kito hit the man with the weapon in his hand, killing him. According to claims, Kito specialized in luring gay men, raping them, collecting their money, before killing them.

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