Beyond The Tragedy Of Ukraine

Sunday Onyemaechi Eze

Sunday Onyemaechi Eze

Beyond the tragedy of Ukraine is an age long supremacy battle and ego trip – you may call it existing animosity between both United States of America and Russia.  Ukraine’s unfortunate situation fits into the narrative of a cannon fodder. Unfortunately, the blood of innocent Ukrainians and other unlucky nationals caught in the cross-fire are seeds sown to sustain the strategic national interests of both countries. Ukraine is the East European political sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter slab.
Those who felt the cold war between America and Russia had ended in 1990 when Mikhail Gorbachev succumbed to the balkanization of former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) should take lessons in international relations. There is no permanent friends or enemies in international economic and political relations but permanent interest. Russia did not forgive and will never forget the role America played in that decades of global humiliation. Although Russia is seen as a defeated and capitulated country, she has endured and ensured that her influence over nations around her is maintained and most importantly not jeopardized by the bully and evident move of the Americans to put the whole world in her pocket.
Incidentally, American/Russian animosities have been constructed around the East European country since 2012 with her knowing. Today, that country is in ruins. And the two super powers are rallying around friends and allies to support their long standing ego to the detriment of Ukraine and humanity. Danger is still lurking around. Apart from the fact that Ukraine has vast land resources, the country boasts of firsts in abundant mineral resources relevant to industrial growth and development of the European Union (EU), America and Russia. Any nation with high level control of the levers of government and influence over Ukraine stands to benefit more. The allies of such country will not be left out in the booty.
The rich mineral reserves of Ukraine which include:  coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, timber, and mercury is at the heart of this conflict. The conflict between Democracy which is the raw material America hawks around the world and Socialism of Russia is a factor for war. On 12 June, 2020, Ukraine joined NATO’s enhanced opportunity partner interoperability programme. According to an official NATO statement, the new status “does not prejudge any decisions on NATO membership.”
The above prodding to add Ukraine and the perceived desire of America to establish NATO base in Ukraine is what Russia considers an affront to her sovereignty. Russia contends that with Ukraine as a member of NATO and a base, it is only a matter of time for US to conclude her plans of emasculating Russia. Nations like Russia puts high premium on the security of her citizens and territorial integrity. Putin will not resign to fate or stand aloof when imminent danger is lurking around her land, water and air boarders. Only faint leaders do.
Russia and America are two super powers and members of the United Nations Security Council. This means that even by deliberately invading Ukraine like US and Britain did to Iraq, Libya and others, it does seem the outcry will never deliver appropriate sanctions and punitive measures. The world will be entertained with propaganda from both nations. Nations will issue statements of support or against the military action. International agencies and forum sympathetic to the trio will condemn the action and apply sanctions against Russia but the collateral damages have been done. Lives and properties lost are forever gone and Ukraine will never remain the same. The victims of the war will forever contend with the horrible experiences and nightmares.
After the invasion of Iraq by US and Britain with recorded deaths of over 250,000 people; the so called weapons of mass destruction alleged to have been stockpiled by Saddam Hussein was never found after all. For misleading the world and lying to their countries; both George Bush jr. and Tony Blair are freely walking the streets of both America and Britain as if nothing happened. Libya is now a ghost and unstable nation harbouring criminal gangs who specialise in human trafficking after US and NATO intervened in and distabilised a stable country.
Muammar Gadhafi like Saddam Hussein was sacrificed as a recipe for peace and stability. Has peace returned to Libya? The world super powers take pride in treating developing countries as second class citizens in global affairs. Many countries have been used as specimens for testing their military might and capabilities. The show of contempt against the sanctity of lives and property goes on without any repercussions. Ukraine is currently the latest addition to the list.
To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war is an age long maxim. There is no alternative to on-the-table conflict resolution. And the contending parties are called upon to sit round a negotiating table. The World War I and II in addition to Iraqi, Syrian and other wars are unforgettable bitter humanitarian catastrophe nobody should ask for globally in this age and time. The security situation heightened by Al-Qaida and Taliban is big enough a lesson for the world. COVID-19 pandemic has added a glut to the well-being of all nations.
Russia-Ukraine-America are privy of the devastating effect of war. But they have failed to tow the line of peace. This is primarily on account of the commercial position of military industrial complexes in both countries and the world at large who are the patient vultures waiting in the wings to benefit from the dead carcasses littering Ukraine. It is an incontrovertible fact, that producers of arms and dealers all over the world have their ready markets in conflicts and war situations. Therefore, it is of no imperative how many people died or properties destroyed in a conflicts provided arms are sold. After all, since the fall of Gadhafi, there was no other major global conflict for arms deal and sale.
The role of the United Nation in exerting its influence and courage to levy appropriate sanctions against nations that had beaten and are beating drums of war especially to the five members of the Security Council  namely America, Russia, France, China and Germany lacks form. The foremost global body is complicit in virtually all conflicts on account of its lackadaisical attitude to prompt response. Many world leaders are aware and dissatisfied with the idea of rising up when the deed is done. Peace will not return also to Ukraine and the entire world until global leaders and institutions divorce themselves from aligning with evil. Until they stand up for justice, peace, equality, equity and truth the world will remain vulnerable and at the verge of another global war.
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