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Beware: Yoghurt can provoke weight gain

Yoghurt doesn’t always help maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes, it becomes a high-calorie bomb.

Yoghurt can be considered a healthy treat, if 100g of it contains 12-15g of protein. This will prevent you from feeling strong hunger up to an hour and a half after a meal.

High fat and fat free yoghurts are equally harmful because the unpleasant taste is compensated by huge doses of sugar. Read the list of ingredients to find out if a yoghurt is fat free and make sure that there is no more than 18g of sugar per 100g of the product.

Make sure to buy yoghurt in small jars so you are not tempted to eat more.

If you add honey, nuts or fruits to it, make sure that the total daily calorie intake and the ratio of proteins, fats and carbs fit your norm. For example, honey will make yoghurt very high calorie but the feeling of satiety afterwards will be short-lived.


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