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Between a Job Seeker and an Employer on Whatsapp

A leaked conversation on microblogging site Twitter between a job seeker named Chioma and a staff of Alpha Consulting Mr. Benson is generating reactions.

Mr. Benson had contacted Chioma who seemed to have undergone an interview at the company: Alpha Consulting on WhatsApp. He had introduced himself and asked if he was chatting with Chioma.

Uncomfortable with the informal approach by Mr. Benson, she asked him how he got her number.

Mr. Benson took sometime before replying her question and before he could reply her with further details of the company he worked for, she had blocked him.

Now, why most people blame Chioma for being rude and impatient others see absolutely nothing wrong with what  Mr. Benson did, others say his approach was informal especially because he is representing a company.

What do you think? Let’s have your say in the comments section below.

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