Behold, World’s Most Water-tight Rolling Shower Screen 

324 views | Akanimo Sampson | June 10, 2021

It appears JoyFous is the next generation of waterproof rolling shower screen for bathtubs that maximises shower. JoyFous has taken the existing shower curtain and gives it a much-needed design upgrade.

Made for 3-walled bathtubs (where the 4th wall is usually occupied by a curtain), JoyFous is a nifty, slim, retractable screen that’s easy to pull out and retract before and after your bath.

It is a much more convenient alternative to the shower curtain that’s clumsy and doesn’t stop water from leaking out onto the bathroom floor… and it’s a whole lot cheaper than those frosted glass partitions, and it isn’t breakable or fragile too!

Working much like retractable blinds that you pull downward, JoyFous operates sideways, creating a neat privacy-partition while you bathe or just laze in your bath-salts solution with some candles and bubbly… and its unique water-dam feature keeps the water inside your bathtub, so you don’t step out onto a soaking wet and slippery bathroom floor.

The JoyFous shower screen sits within a slim holder that gets vertically mounted on one of the three walls, and comes with a hook that you mount on the opposite wall.

When you need privacy, just pull the retractable blind out and hook it in place and you’ve got yourself a neat, secluded bathing area that even ensures your bath-water doesn’t spill outside, keeping wet and dry areas separate.

The fabric used in JoyFous is a triple-ply material that’s mildew-resistant, mold-proof, waterproof, and dust-repellant. Its retractable design means it covers a variety of sizes too, from bathtubs that are 53″ long to even 78″ inches long.

It is simple to use, hassle-free, easy to maintain, and much more affordable than those bulky, breakable frosted glass panels.

Installing it is a breeze too, since the JoyFous can either be drilled or glued in place without requiring a carpenter or a plumber to help you out!


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