Behave Well, There’s no Heaven in Hell

Abdulrasheed Abdulkareem

Abdulrasheed Abdulkareem

By: Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem
Behaviors are relevant or irrelevant attitudes that one exhibits in the society. People behave to one another in different ways which can be called personal behavioral patterns, and as far as we are within the public, we can’t hide our behaviors, be it good or bad, now or later it will surely expose to people around the neighborhood.
That’s why how one relates with people should be well taken care of, as it’s one’s behaviors that will tell people who one is and where one hails from, even to strangers. It’s a well dispensed behavioral attitudes that will subject us to success, fortune, paint our name as good, and it’s also one of the most important aspects of human life that needs much more than handling with soft hands, just as an English saying has it, good name is better than riches.
Perhaps, some people are known with specific actions which may be good or bad, the good people always exhibit polite and acceptable character in the society, while the latter will be found of immoral and deviant behaviors that may even, at most times, disobey the law of land. Dear reader, which one did you possess among the aforementioned behaviors? Do not be too confused, bad behaviors include those acts you perform secretly without wanting anyone catch you do them. Bad character are not worth to be proud, so, why haven’t you repented yet? Tomorrow might even be too late.
Lying is one definite bad behavior. Lairs should get informed that their acts don’t live forever and when it exposed, it causes public disgrace to the victim, so, we all should avoid lying at all cost as it’s morally, socially and even religiously forbidden. Another bad character some people chose as an act is hatred, its proponents will dislike their fellow human beings without any valuable reason. They’d keep praying for others’ downfall thinking it will pave way for them; they take everyone as their enemy, hatred as an act needs also to be jettisoned because it causes a lot of destruction to its perpetrators’ life, mindsets and consequently destiny.
There’s nothing beneficial in destroying another person’s good life and happiness. Also, there’s no future in doing evils or being a devil’s ambassador, its repercussion always will send away helpers from one’s door. It’s a pity that some people find cheers in seeing others’ tears; anyone that now lives with one or bad behaviors should bear it in mind that they are keeping bad records that are only liable to bite them back mercilessly in time to come. Theft is another evil. You can’t say you are unconscious to take what does not belong to you, causing harm to others and shedding people’s tears. If you’re caught, you may even be beaten to death or left to live in shame forever. Its trauma aftermath is just hugely unbearable. It’s affordable to turn a new leaf now for good as nothing is of the worst kind than living with evil acts.
Dear good doers, the good news is that, you may not earn much gain and reward now; some people may also hate you, but don’t mind them because your bright future is their desire to sap. Life is in need of you to pass the genes to the current infants and help it in training the next generation. We have go through your biography and confirm that you are potential to discharge these services, you have zero bad record in your past life which make us to be in need of you at all cost. Selflessness also makes one a unique being, we have knowledge of how you have helped many people; calls others to opened opportunity, this shows you are not greedy, so don’t be tired of thes proudly acts. You’re a legend in our time and the rewards are ahead for you. Don’t change your behavior because of how people treat you now, you’re already the best among others and the end product of your deed is judiciously fruitful.
Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem is a creative writer and investigative journalist, he is a student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto UDUS,

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