Before you lose that weight, read this

659 views | May Ebute | April 12, 2020

Jane is on the big side. Her weight keeps getting bigger and bigger every single day. Five years ago, she was not this big. Initially, she used to tell her friends that it was a sign that she was eating well and because she was eating well, her body was rewarding her by adding flesh to itself, in the right places. She only began to worry when it seemed she was getting bigger at an alarmingly fast rate. From a healthy size, she was becoming what her friends jokingly referred to as ‘fatty fatty.’

After realising that her added weight seemed to be having an adverse effect on her health, She told herself it was time to lose the excess flesh and get back to being trim and fit again. She began to diet and even registered at the gym closest to her house. But tried as she may, it seemed the more she exercised and the lesser she ate, the more weight she added. She secretly envied Meg, her friend who ate everything in the world and spent her time at the gym, taking more selfies with her phone than actual exercising yet remained trim. Not an extra flesh out of place.

After trying to lose weight without any success, she has concluded that God’s original intention for her body, was for her to be on the big side.

Are you like Jane? Have you ever wondered why your friend eats a lot, even more than you do, exercises a little, that’s if at all, yet still maintains a lower body weight than you? You have cut down on your calories, huffed and puffed on the treadmill, done just about everything in the ‘lose weight’ manual with nothing to show for all your efforts. If these paint a picture of your daily struggles with weight loss, like Jane, you may have resigned yourself to the idea that ‘being fat’ is how nature has designed your body to be. But what If you are wrong? What if your inability to lose weight has more to do with what goes on inside of your body than with nature itself?

Ever heard of body metabolism? What about hypothyroidism?

Metabolism is the process through which the food you eat is converted into energy by your body. It is in charge of burning calories so you can stay alive as well. People with a healthy/fast body metabolism can get away with eating just about anything. Their metabolism makes it easier for them to get rid of unwanted fat in the body. On the other hand, people with slow body metabolism will have leftover calories in their body, converted and stored as fat. This simply means that if your body metabolism develops a problem, it will be really difficult for you to lose weight.

What could be responsible for slow body metabolism? One of the factors is hypothyroidism.

This is a condition in which the thyroid gland which is responsible for sending the hormone, thyroxine into the bloodstream, does not produce enough of this hormone in the quantity that is needed to meet the needs of the body.

Thyroxine helps to maintain your body metabolism and keep it in top performance. When this hormone is under-secreted, the condition of hypothyroidism occurs. This results in several health issues. One of them is, gaining weight even when one eats very little food and having difficulty shedding off that weight.

When this hormonal imbalance is not properly diagnosed and treated, then l am afraid that your desire to lose weight will only be a mirage. Regular exercising and cutting down on your food intake may as well be exercises in futility.

If you have been trying very hard to lose weight without anything to show for your efforts, don’t conclude yet that it is in your nature to be fat. Your thyroid gland may just not be secreting enough thyroxine to keep your body metabolism in top form. Don’t just take my word for it though. Consult your doctor and do a hormone analysis. If it is confirmed that indeed you are suffering from hypothyroidism, please ensure you get treated before you continue on the journey to losing weight.

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