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Prior to the finale of the Big Brother Naija season 6, there were strong permutations that Whitemoney would emerge the winner of the edition. Though a certain Liquorose was also polled as a strong contender for the N90million prize, it was popularly believed that Whitemoney had a larger fan base and was in a huge position to scoop the money!

In view of this belief, tongues began to wag not just across the nation but Africa. As the ritual has it, people started airing their views and remarkably, certain religious leaders joined the tongue wagging on who will emerge the champion of the ten-week long reality show.

But, social media went semi wild when a certain herbalist, named Obioma Chukwu temporarily took a break from his duties to dabble on who and who will not win the show. He averred that contrary to the speculations that housemate, Whitemoney will be the winner of this year’s Big Brother Naija show, a certain black male housemate will scoop the N90 million.

In his words, “I saw where some group of people gathered and when I asked what is going on here? I was told that these are supporters of Whitemoney in a show but they are angry because they thought he would have been the winner of the show.

“A young black man who nobody never thought that will win the show was the one who won the game, the gods never show me something and another thing happen”.

As of the time he made the revelation, there were three black male housemates remaining in the house – Pere, Cross and the man who reportedly found true love, Emmanuel. The revelation was even more befuddling because Liquorose reportedly had a larger fan base than the three black male housemates! To a few, the disclosure was nothing short of cockamamie!

Just like the disciples started raising eyebrows and asking who and who will not when Jesus said one of them would betray Him, there were fears in the populace – who was the black male housemate to win the prize as revealed by the native doctor? Who was the anointed one? Could it be Pere? Could it be #Emmanuel? Could it be Cross? Some people came to the conclusion that since ‘the gods have rejected White Money,’ Pere is the one next in line – to a large extent; he also commanded a reasonable fan base!

There were several reasons to take the herbalist serious, he said the gods told him, he heard clearly for the gods and even emphasized that “the gods never show me something and another thing happen”. That statement was enough to cause commotion among fans, it was enough to make people jittery, it was enough to summon him before the council of BBNaija – how dare he wants to short-change the anointed one? Was he being manipulated to distract WhiteMoney’s fans?

The integrity of Obioma Chukwu was x-rayed on Sunday, 3rd of October in the finale of the show. Contrary to the ‘message from the gods,’ Emmanuel, Cross and General #Pere were evicted from the show remaining #WhiteMoney and his main opponent, #Liquorose! After all the rituals of the night, WhiteMoney was declared winner of the show with a whopping 47% votes.

In view of the outcome of the show, certain questions begin to come to mind – who exactly is Obioma Chukwu? Is he truly an agent of the gods? Was he truly sent by the gods? When did the gods start having interest in predicting winners of such shows? If Obioma is to be taken serious, it means the gods lied! Oh! I didn’t know the gods also lie.

It is worrying that not only do we have fake prophets all over the place; we now have fake native doctors all over the place hiding under the umbrella of the gods. People who are parading themselves as eyes of the gods just to take advantage of others! This is a call on everyone to beware of fake prophets, magicians and the likes of Obioma Chukwu.

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