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#BBNaija: Boma, Tega and the ‘other’ sexual escapade

Stanley Ugagbe

I have been indifferent about harping on both past and ongoing happenings of the Big Brother Naija due to certain germane reasons that need not to be divulged. I am not a fan, I don’t watch the show but due to my nature of profession, the onus is on me to keep myself abreast of happenings across the globe particularly in Nigeria. Today, I am under necessity to ask a few questions!

Social media is currently awashed with the shameful alleged sexual escapade between a certain Boma and the married woman, Tega. According to reports, Boma allegedly told Pere that he slept with Tega – while this is yet to be ascertained, videos of their unscrupulous romance abound, especially with the continued massages Boma is giving to somebody’s wife.

If truly he slept with her and still had the audacity to say her vagina oozes like a rotten fish, I am terrified to ask; what kind of abomination did the husband of Tega commit to get this public dishonor, disrespect, global disgrace in return?! What exactly did the parents of Tega do wrong to get this monumental shame as reward?! It’s not as if others are not frolicking, it’s not as if married people are not playing away matches and as a matter of fact, most people lashing at Tega on social media are doing worse in the secret but for a married fellow to frolick publicly is the greatest dishonor any husband can get from his wife. Even David, despite being a King, did everything possible to hide his sexual escapade with Uriah’s wife from him and the public – and here, a certain Boma is braggadociously romancing somebody’s wife on national TV. Oh OGHENE!

I remember that in June, during the reunion of the housemates of the last edition, a certain Ka3na (mother of one) and Praise shared on national TV how they had sex in the house that lasted 5 seconds – and to be sure that Praise’s performance that day was a mistake, they had to book a hotel after the show for a rematch where it still lasted 5 seconds. Imagine this rottenness that these people are vomiting – your goodness!

I look at all these events through the lenses of culture, morals, and scriptures and I say to myself, this is not meant to happen, this was not supposed to happen but this is happening! How did we degenerate to a point where we come on national TV not to only romance and have sex but to comfortably harp on it?!

If the show cannot be done without the rottenness, why give room for married people? To make a mockery of the marriage institution?! And after this public shame and dishonor, the fellow will return to their spouse and expect such marriage to remain the same?! Your goodness!

And then you look at the viewers who are keeping awake, keenly watching and desiring moments where a dude will spank a lady’s nyanch, caress breast and possibly take it further to angle 90! What exactly has become of us?! Total breakdown of morals and culture?! We have totally gone morally bankrupt?! And to think that people vote to sustain immorality but cannot vote for leadership positions?! What is our priority, really?! I need sincere answers!

I’m troubled, I am terrified, I am catching cold and I am only going to pitch tent with the scripture that says let he that is doing good, continue and let he that is doing evil, continue!

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