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Bauchi govt. places 3 months embargo on land development

The Bauchi State Government has directed the Ministry of Land and Survey and the Bauchi Urban Development Board, BSUDB to stop the erections of buildings and demolition for a period of three months, threatening to anyone who contravenes the directive.

According to the state Commissioner for Land and Survey, Adamu Ahmed, the directive became imperative because some land developers are in the habit of giving outlands without following the due process from the ministry.

He said that as a result of the development, many structures have been erected indiscriminately in some parts of the metropolis, thereby distorting the original master plan designed for such areas.

“The state government has observed that some lands have been issued out to people without following due process and as a result, as you can see, many structures have been erected without following the design of the area.

“Many waterways have been blocked, the roads are becoming inaccessible and this can lead to the problem of flood disaster.We want to secure proper coordination of roads, public utilities and services including the supply of safe drinkable water in the areas.

“The area of land five kilometres south of Tambari Estate encompassing the new Miri-Sabon Kaura bye-pass and the proposed southern bye-pass, running south-eastwards enclosing Federal Low-Cost Housing area. Also, Zangon village, stretching eastwards to the Industrial Area and further northwards to intersect at the Bauchi-Gombe Road at Shafa filling station connecting into the new road linking the State House of Assembly with Turun has been declared special planning corridor with effect from today, 18th day of June, 2020.

“The purpose of this declaration among others is to secure proper coordination of roads, public utilities and services including the supply of safe drinking water. Consequently, a person shall not, within the planning corridor, carry out a development of land, construction, demolition, renewal, extension or otherwise for a period of not more than three months from this declaration until a final scheme is approved for the areas,” the Commissioner said.

He concluded that persons or individuals who undertake sub-division of the land outside is illegal, without an approved government scheme and approval of the state governor as stipulated by the Land Use Act of 1978.

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