Atiku Urges Nigerians to Pray for the Country as Ramadan Commences

Former Vice President and PDP Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar has urged Nigerians to use the holy month to pray for the country as well as its people.

He made this known on Monday, May 06, 2019 through a Press Release.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said,”When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened”. Let us take advantage of these open heavens to make Ramadan intercession for the benefit of our country, our countrymen and women and for humanity as a race.

I call on one and all to remember that Nigerians are who would make Nigeria either great or dismal through our thoughts, words and actions. Therefore, Ramadan is an opportunity for us to rededicate ourselves to the virtues displayed by the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Virtues such as brotherly love, and community spirit, without which a country shall be just a hollow shell.

When we make ideals our goal this Ramadan, we will, by Allah’s grace, be able to reach a turning point in our individual, family and national lives that will bring about the rebirth of Nigeria as a nation that functions to provide peace, progress and prosperity to each and every citizen.

Therefore, as we use this fasting period of Ramadan to master ourselves through discipline, abstinence, prayer and self-sacrifice, may Allah (SWT) hear our prayers and see us through so that we will finish what we started today in good health and a sound body.

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