“Are We Sexually Compatible?”

663 views | Stanley Ugagbe | May 16, 2021

AGAIN, this is another subject I would shy away from but I am under necessity to make some remarks. Compatibility test before marriage has been a very crucial discourse in the last few years. I have also written about its imperativeness and the various tests that should not be compromised.

But I am perturbed and stunned seeing sexual compatibility test holding the centre stage nowadays. The standard creeping into the society is that would-be couple has to test their sexual prowess/compatibility to know if they can both ‘do the do’ very well before going for the dotted lines.

The ladies are saying ‘I must see his thing, examine it if it’s big enough and then go down with him if he can perform’. The guys on their part want to have a feel and taste of what the lady has in between her legs to ascertain if they can have a future together. WISDOM WEE NOT KEE THIS GENERATION.

After doing the do, if we are not sexually compatible, we go our separate ways and move on to the next person. And so we keep recycling private parts until we get the one that can fully satisfy our iberiberistic iberiberim.

Perhaps I am behind in this subject matter, is it that some penis are specifically designed for some vaginas; that we have to keep recycling private parts to get the exact one that can fully satisfy our adventure? Should that be the case, then scientists should help us to do research and classify the various types of vagina/penis and give their detailed features so people can go directly for the one they want other than testing from one to another.

It is not a surprise seeing all these egbekegbekes creeping into the society and without mincing words, there are no doubts about where they are coming from but how we, especially those of us who claim to be fearing God accept these iberiberisms so easily as the norms is what keeps baffling me.

Of a truth, the society is littered with so many people who are looking for destinies to destroy, it is true that there are so many fake people, it is true that there are people who are sexually dead but want to lie their way into the lives of others, it is true that there are people who are impotent but will not disclose it, it is true that there are lots of pretenders, BUT, IS IT TRUE THAT DECIDING TO DO THE DO BEFORE MARRIAGE IS THE ONLY WAY TO CHECKMATE THIS MENACE?

Sex is not rocket science. It’s in the nature of man. So all these you must test first are lies from the pit of hell. Of a truth, one of the key reasons you are recycling private parts in search of the compatible one is because you’re looking for the person with the best acrobatic styles in bed (the day you will break somebody’s child spinal cord, sex no go hungry you again).

I have said it before and I will reiterate it, if you don’t go about sleeping with different people, you will never know if some can perform better than others.

And then, I am wondering if my generation still knows the meaning of Fornication. Even some of our brothers and sisters who are out of Babylon are longing after knacking like their lives depend on it.

Sir/ma, recycling private parts in search of the one that can fully satisfy you is NOT the solution to the menace of who can and cannot do.

In case you don’t know or have forgotten, sexual purity is God’s desire for your life. And then again, there is no degree for Mass Fornication.

The standard of God for marriage has not changed. God hates fornication. He hates unrighteousness. His standard is that sex is for those who are married. Stop testing the microphone. Stop trying God. Halt every sexual iberiberism. Let God lead you in all you do so that it can be well with your soul.

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