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Apart From “Buhari” What Else Is Our Hiccup?

Buhari has been on the lips of many Nigerians especially those that do not buy into his policies and obvious lackluster administrative strategies.

If words of unpleasant meanings and consequences were to be imminently efficacious, one wonders what possibly would have become of Buhari. Dead? Depressed? Destroyed? Or like Nebuchadnezzar, long thrown into the bush, interacting with no other than the animals.

Nigerians unarguably have seen the worst of it in this administration. Huge borrowing, flip-flop Naira strength, high rates of things , crime and insecurity at high pitch level and off course shrieking cry and agitation for secession

We have all had it rough , like hell in there, with no clear cut plans and strategies to take  us  out from the mess.

There is no region that is at peace. Each crying and being bedeviled by the monsters called kidnapping, bandits and all manner of social ills.

Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.”

I just imagined God asking President Buhari how many are you in this agenda of making Nigeria ungovernable  and he Buhari answering we are legion for we are many.

Are they really legion? How many can they possibly be? The roads that were paid for but not worked on, the shabby and poor contract jobs delivered, the beating of traffic , the sexual harassment and intimidations in offices and establishments, the hoarding of essential and arbitrary hike in prices ,  the irresponsible handling of government  properties , the stealing and destruction of public  institutions, the posting and circulation of irritating and divisive materials , the aiding and abating of electoral fraud and manipulations etc.

The list obviously is huge, each one of us being complicit or accomplice at least in one.

If President Buhari as bad and clueless ingenious as he may appear to many were the only hiccup Nigeria has, Nigeria and Nigerians would possibly be preparing for a positive shift and celebration  for a better Nigeria come 2023. “Nah”!  He isn’t all there are in this plethora of our challenges.

He may have deepened the valley and gullies, he may have put salt to the wound, he equally may have added fuel to the stoking fire of misrule, the truth is Buhari isn’t the epicenter of our social-political and religious wars.

Our hiccups are just accumulation of tiny greed, irresponsibility , omissions , negligence , selfishness , Indulgence , nepotism, tribalism , halo effect syndrome etc which we have consciously or otherwise given energy to run wild in this nation.

He may have all the powers to do and undo, to command and order, to proscribe and legalize, nevertheless  we still have a space as citizens no matter how small to showcase our little act of patriotism, in  offices , churches , mosques , business areas , homes and public places.

He may be the Chief and Commanding Officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where power and authority reside undiluted, he is no god after all, with the power of Omni- present.

He may have all the constitutional powers that enable and empower him to kill and to keep alive; he is still human, limited both in time and space.

All hands must be on deck, to move this country forward. The decay in family values, the corruption and indecency in our little closets, the suppression and intimidation that have riped us apart in our villages, towns, States etc are no Buhari symptoms.

As we continue to look and pray for a visionary, detribalized, ingenious, innovative and charismatic President come 2023, the need to be urbane in character , abiding with laws, trustworthy with responsibilities , honest and committed  with duties, moral and ethical with principles etc   as Nigerians can never be over emphasized.

Nigeria is our collective project.

You may be BIAFRA, AREWA, ODUDUWA etc we are for now trapped in this country, no matter how uncomfortable.

What happens tomorrow belongs to the future ,until we get there, to possibly see, a United people of Biafra (UPB) , Arewa Emirate Union (AEU) and Oduduwa United Country( OUC), peacefully moved to their  destined path of self determination , Nigeria remains a country to fix  by  shading off our grouse and dissention, embracing the more our differences and building around it a force that will make us see our differences as potential to harness for a better Nigeria .

Nigeria I hail thee!
Prosper and glow in the green white green of peace, unity and prosperity.


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