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Another Avocado & Citrus Forum Underway

United Producers of Mexico (UPM) is busy connecting buyers and sellers in the second edition of the Avocado & Citrus Forum 2021.This is as the season for avocados from Mexico in the European market is off to a strong start and the citrus season is in full swing.

In 2019, importers and exporters that were present at the first avocado forum, held in the stately Schielandhuis in Rotterdam, were the audience for whom the UMP wants to realise a direct connection between Mexico and the Netherlands.

UPM believes the collaboration with the concerned parties is important for their project, which is why the questionnaires are important.

The forum started with a morning programme for the Mexican avocado exporters. Here presentations were given that the exporters have to take into consideration. There were presentations given on quality control, recommendations from a report from the Wageningen University & Research about the post harvest avocado research done in 2018, possible assurances for transport, the ripening process and there was also a talk by Jorge Narváez of the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario, Lowina Broens of RVO Nederland and by Desirée Colomé of the Mexican embassy in the Netherlands, in Spanish of course.

The presentations were intended to prepare the exporters for the European market and how they are best able to sell their products here. Temperature control, ripening and packaging were the main points here. Anton Filippo of LBP gave those present some good advice. “Take care of customers and a logistical agent in Europe before exporting avocados.”

In the afternoon the importers joined the forum. There were a few more presentations given, including one on a coating for avocados to extend their shelf life and an optical sorter specially designed for avocados. The dry dust level is particularly important in this.

In the afternoon programme the initiative of a direct line between Mexico and the Netherlands was further highlighted by Lia. In collaboration with Aktion Trade from Mexico and Eimskip from Iceland the UPM wants to pilot a connection between the Netherlands and Mexico in September.

The transit time of the direct line should gradually decline and the volume of products from Mexico rise. In October/November, this should result in a transport line of 14-12 days. Avocados are an important volume of the product for the European market.

The forum is intended to allow exporters and importers to network and to inform the parties of what they have to take into consideration. After the presentations there was a matchmaking scheduled between the importers and exporters present.

Lia looks back at a successful day. “There were more sign ups than I had expected and it was certainly a success. There were twice as many importers at the event than exporters, 8 versus 16. For the next edition we will certainly focus on a two day event so that we can pull out a whole day for networking.”

However, this time the access is virtual, the solid content of the program will consist of different technical, financial and market conferences with international speakers, strategic contacts and networking opportunities with qualified European importers

Mexican avocado and citrus exporters are each year more prepared for the European market, with the required certifications (GlobalG.A.P., GRASP, SMETA, Organic, FairTrade, Organic).

When? August 17-18-19, 2021

Participants: Qualified Avocado and citrus exporters from Mexico and importers from Europe.

There will be several categories of participating exporters, which will be qualified by the UPM team, so all business meetings will be according to requirements for the different markets in Europe. Each participant will have its profile online before the event, so interested companies can easily connect with compatible counterparts.

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